Oberkirch, holidays in the Renchtal


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Oberkirch is located in the Renchtal holiday region. The city is a unique mixture of the landscapes shaped by vineyards and the architecturally appealing city center, which gives an absolute holiday feeling through the old half-timbered houses. Oberkirch also has a large number of attractions.

The historic old town

The historic old town of Oberkirch is a very special highlight. Here you can stroll comfortably through the city and admire the old half-timbered houses, parts of the city wall and historical monuments. If you want more interesting information about the city, you can also take part in the city tour.

A view of the whole region

The Geigerskopfturm is an observation tower that is located in the area of ​​the municipality of Bottenau and offers a breathtaking view over the Rhine Valley. Many hiking trails lead directly past the tower and with its 20 meters height, it can hardly be overlooked in its rainbow colors. From here you can cross the Rhine plain and, in good weather, to the Vosges shows.

The local history museum in Oberkirch

The Museum of Local Lore and Grimmelshausen Museum is located in the old town hall of Oberkirch. In the historical building, you can see over three floors, the old handicrafts, customs and the development of the city over several epochs. One focus of the museum is the life of the Baroque poet Johann Christoph von Grimmelshausen, who probably wrote his greatest work in Oberkirch.

High above the city

The Schauenburg castle ruins are located on a mountain and are known as the city's landmark. From here you can look over the Rhine plain to France. It is not known since when the castle was destroyed, in 1731 it was officially designated as a ruin, but some parts are still well preserved. Below the castle ruins is the Simplicissimus - artificial horse.

Very special wines are produced in the region

Oberkirch is also known for its viticulture. The Oberkircher Winzer eG cultivates around 480 hectares of wine-growing area. You can taste these wines in the Vinotorium. The Vinotrium has been the heart of the winemaker since 2017. Wine tastings have been held here regularly since the new building. About 2000 years ago the Romans brought the first vines with them to the region, so we can look back on a long tradition here. The Oberkircher Winzer eG also offers guided tours through the bottle cellars followed by wine tasting.

There is also something for the little ones

The city has some special playgrounds for children. The multi-generation space offers play opportunities for children of all ages. Adults are also catered for here, as they can relax in the wonderful garden. The city also has a large forest playground and several other playgrounds that are very inviting for children. So Oberkirch offers the right program for everyone.
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