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Topics and motifs for creative photo calendars: capture holiday memories

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In our modern times, the classic photo album is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. The future is digital. This also applies to our holiday memories. For many people, a photo calendar is a creative way to review their vacation. We have put together five suggestions for your next photo calendar.

Our top five ideas for a photo calendar with your vacation photos

Are you planning a vacation in the Black Forest? There is a lot to discover there. In addition to beautiful and historic cities like Freiburg or Baden-Baden, for example, you can go to one of the Thermal baths come to rest. Regardless of whether you have an annual or Design your own weekly calendar If you want, our suggestions will support you.

1. The last twelve holidays in the annual calendar

Whether as a collage or in single image format: To create a varied photo calendar, it is advisable, for example, to dedicate one month to a trip. This special photo calendar of your travels is particularly aimed at people who have already been on vacation several times. Each month marks a special vacation trip from your past. Which order you choose for this is up to you. It is conceivable, for example, to start with the most recent vacation in January or exactly the other way around.

2. Arrange holiday pictures thematically

Another tip for your photo calendar: Arrange the pictures so that the travel pictures fit the theme of the respective season. This photo calendar option is particularly suitable for vacationers who are not only traveling to warm regions. Are you hiking in cooler areas in autumn? Or head in during the winter months Ski Area? Then the seasonal theme is suitable for your photo calendar. What shouldn't be missing here, of course? Naturally! The beach pictures in the summer months.

3. A specific journey as the main theme

Did you go on vacation to another continent for the first time last year? Or did you really travel extensively to a particular European country on your last vacation? Of course, you can also theme your photo calendar based on a specific holiday. Then, for example, the year 2025 will be all about “the Black Forest”. Each month then contains one or more photos from your last trip. You can also complement the design of the photo calendar with typical motifs from the region you are visiting.

4. The arrangement of images

In addition to the holiday region you choose, the choice of photos also plays a crucial role in the design. For example, consider whether each month should be designed as a collage. Alternatively, just one or two photos that represent the respective month are possible. It is also conceivable that you add additional anecdotes about the vacation to each page of the calendar. Here you can mention, among other things, where the photo subject is and which moments you particularly remember.

5. The focus: animals, culture or people?

A specific focus topic is also conceivable when designing a creative photo calendar. For example, if you went on a safari, you can specifically only use the animal photos for your photo calendar. On a city trip to Freiburg, for example, it's a good idea to visit sights like this Münster to use as a basis for the photo calendar. On the other hand, if you want to give your calendar a very personal touch, use pictures of yourself.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal