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The Black Forest on Facebook – more guests with social media marketing

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The Black Forest continues to enjoy great popularity as a holiday region. Many hotels, holiday homes and guesthouses invite you to explore the Black Forest in all its facets. Many of the accommodation options are quickly booked up. Others, especially smaller ones in more hidden areas, sometimes complain about a lack of guests. These gems are very rarely found in search engine results. Large portals and providers dominate here. But there is a very good way to make yourself better known: Facebook. Our tips for social media marketing reveal how to approach your Facebook presence.

The 5 best tips for successful Facebook marketing for hotels and guesthouses

Before we start with the tips for your Facebook presence, we don't want to leave unmentioned one fundamental pillar for a successful online presence. The basis for visibility and guest acquisition is one modern and user-friendly website. Even though a Facebook page is already a website through which people can find and reach providers of overnight accommodation, a website is still the showcase for the Black Forest idyll. Once the website is up and running, you can start optimizing your Facebook presence.

1. Create and optimize Facebook page

The Black Forest is on social media Already represented by many pages and groups and is also very popular here. So it's a good place to create a new site that offers attractive accommodation options in the Black Forest. A Facebook page is quick to create. But it's important to show the user, without posting, what makes the guesthouse or hotel so special. Complete information about the location is necessary. Website address, local address, accessibility, a nice description and contact options are a must. In addition, it is important to show users on Facebook what makes the offer so special. Information and unique selling points such as a wellness offer, dog-friendliness, that Offer of a swimming pool or accessibility for people with disabilities draw attention to the host and appeal to special target groups.

It is always an advantage to add images to the page's Facebook presence before the first postings. This way, the people to whom the site is suggested get a good first impression of the location and the surrounding area.

2. First postings and subscriber acquisition

With the keyword “Suggested Pages” we come to the next important point for the Facebook presence. Subscribers must be acquired. This happens slowly and organically through the first interesting postings that contain pictures and videos of the host and the region. Special offers that entice you, such as a discount for a certain time or information about special events and excursion destinations in the region, help users and Facebook to become aware. The site is then gradually suggested to people who are interested in the Black Forest, holidays and special activities.

This route is tedious and it takes a long time to get enough subscribers to get noticed. One way to boost visibility is Buy likes on Facebook. The more likes a page has, the more visible it becomes and the more often it is suggested to users in the feed.

Buy Facebook Likes You can do it on special portals on the Internet for little money. This procedure is absolutely legal and not prohibited by Facebook. Likes can be purchased for the fan page as well as for individual posts.

3. High-quality content non-stop

In order to get more and more likes and subscribers organically, regular and interesting posts on the fan page are important. The possibilities here are very large. If you know your target group, you know what you can score with. This includes pictures and videos of the hotel or guesthouse, tips on excursions and attractions in the area, special information about opportunities for an active holiday in the region and of course the offer of special offers from the host.

It is important that you as a host show and introduce yourself personally. Pictures of employees, events and looks behind the scenes such as the kitchen, according to them culinary delicacies of the Black Forest are conjured up, appeal to people, make the host likeable and tangible.

4. Facebook advertising with ads

Advertising on Facebook supports the regular postings through which the fan page and subscriber numbers grow. With well-designed advertisements you can address the target group perfectly and point out the hotel, the guesthouse, the holiday apartment and the opportunities it offers. Facebook ads are cheaper compared to Google ads and reach target groups better thanks to specific targeting.

5. More support from influencers

The last way to use social media to increase brand awareness of a guest establishment and thus attract more guests is to work with influencers.

Travel influencers are the first choice, but it's also worth thinking outside the box. Areas such as food, sport or culture are also suitable for cooperation. Influencers report about their business and the surrounding area on their channels, thereby expanding their reach. To do this, you can make offers to influencers such as (partially) paid trips, or you can also make your own location available for influencer events.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal