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Jockenhof Village Museum

Jockenhof Village Museum

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Location: Simonswald

The historic village museum Jockenhof was built in 1640. Here there is a collection of agricultural implements from the Simonswald Valley. Around 2.500 exhibits can be seen here. These include large forestry equipment such as wagons for wood, forestry tools and wagons, some of which are more than 150 years old.

The towing devices for horses and oxen are particularly interesting. There are also equipment and vehicles for agriculture and systems with different winches, harrows, plows and equipment for harvesting. You can also see transport devices, which are mostly made of wood and which were made by the craftsmen on the farms or in the valley themselves.

The Jockenhof village museum also shows equipment from the country's domestic economy for processing milk, processing flax and wool, and a beet carving machine.

Further information and opening hours: https://www.simonswald.de/de/tourismus-freizeit/tourismus/sehenswertes/dorfmuseum

Image courtesy of Asal Stefan