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View of Obersimonswald


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Location: Simonswald
Einwohner: 3000

With the romantic farms in the Black Forest and the historic water-powered mills, Simonswald is one of the most characteristic places in the area and is located on the Clock street.

The unstressed nature at the Zweribach waterfalls convinces the vacationers and therefore a hike on the mill trail often leads to the cultural-historical Black Forest mills.
The town of Simonswald is also known for its watchmaking craft and therefore looks back on a long tradition. Therefore, the place is located directly on Germany's clock route.

Holidaymakers can help in the stables on the farm, ride on the tractor with the farmers or play with the animals on the farm: Families with children in particular get their money's worth on the many farms with accommodation and holiday apartments in the town of Simonswald. Two great children's hiking trails have been set up in town, Simon's Schlawinerweg (3,6 km) and the miracle path (2,0 km).

The peculiarities of the place

Cultural-historical oil mill

The cultural-historical oil mill, built in 1712 in the style of a pagan house, is located on a small island, which is surrounded by the mill canal and the Wilden Gutach and is about 20 minutes' walk from the center of Simonswald.

Oil, grain mill and trott are a concentration of the mill trade that is otherwise rarely found today. The special feature here is that the facility has been restored to working order.
The purchase in 1974 stopped the decay of the mill and the renovation and maintenance of the mill was carried out. The municipality of Simonswald was able to buy the oil mill in 1999 and rented it out to the Simonswaldertal association. After more than 40 years of standstill, walnut oil was produced here for the first time in 2002.
During the guided tour, the guests are convinced of the importance of the mechanical device for the residents of the valley in earlier times.

Zweribach Waterfalls

Surrounded by Bannwald, the Zweribach waterfalls lie around the municipality in the middle of the idyllic nature reserve. Here the water flows very quickly over two steps into the valley.

Because the path is sloping and rocky and in some places is no wider than a beaten path, good footwear is definitely necessary.

Jockenhof Village Museum

Im Jockenhof Village Museum In the district of Obersimonswald, over 2500 implements from Simonswald agriculture are on display.

Where is Simonswald

The municipality of Simonswald is located in the Simonswälder Valley northeast of the city of Freiburg. The valley of the same name stretches from the entrance up to the 1.150 meter high Brend, on which there is a lookout tower and up to the Kandel enough. This is surrounded by the high mountains of the southern Black Forest.

Here the Wilde Gutach becomes a beautiful mountain stream in the rearmost part of this valley.
The valley can be explored in an exciting way on the marked circular hikes, bike tours, signposted Nordic walking routes and canoeing on the Gutach.

Image courtesy of Asal Stefan