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The most beautiful destinations for sun worshipers in the Black Forest

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Whether by motorbike, mountain bike or on foot, the Black Forest has a lot to offer. An evergreen fairytale landscape invites you to linger and relax. Described by many as an outdoor adventure playground, the Black Forest invites you to spend time outside in winter and summer. Where is the best place to do this? continue reading

Places where sunbathers don't miss out
Since everyone has different priorities and favorite places are very individual, this selection is just a small selection of the many possibilities in the Black Forest. There are countless mountains, lakes and gorges that invite you to enjoy the sun in the summer months and also in winter enjoy.

Schluchsee – Eldorado for water lovers
The Schluchsee is a former glacial lake and has a wide range of activities for families, young and old, and for water sports enthusiasts. He finds great popularity also for bathers due to its super clean water.

The Schluchsee was dammed about 90 years ago, making it the highest dam in Germany. The lake has developed into a bathing and water sports paradise in the Black Forest. Surfers, sailors and divers benefit because they find excellent sports facilities. During the summer, those seeking tranquility have the opportunity to enjoy the long beaches. Yes please suntan oil do not forget. Because of the high altitude, you can easily get a sunburn.

Highly recommended is the dawn on the shore at Aha. Fascinating here is the blue Hour and the dawn, just before sunrise. The reflection on the water surface is unique.

Feldberg and Feldbergsteig
It's one of the most impressive hikesthat you can do in the Black Forest. The path is demanding, but it's worth it. Anyone who climbs the first few meters up to... Feldberg Tower If the weather is clear, you will have a panoramic view from the Zugspitze to Mont Blanc. Rustic huts invite you to stop and have a snack.

Before you go back down, you can finish on the idyllic and circular route Feldsee take a short break. There are also near-natural forests here, a really virgin forest. Otherwise, the vegetation on the Feldberg is more reminiscent of the Alps, as the areas up here are naturally unforested and therefore ideal for sun worshipers. If you get sunburned up there, you should do so in the evening Shea butter on the same Rub in, it helps with regeneration.

Not far from the Feldberg and in the immediate vicinity of the Schluchsee is the Windgfällweiher. An absolutely quiet place, just right for cooling off on hot summer days. The natural lake is around 20 hectares in size and has a maximum depth of around 8 meters. The lake shore is heavily forested, so there are plenty of shady places to relax and unwind.

The High Head Tower
Just south of the Feldberg lies the Hochkopf at an altitude of 1263 meters, with an ideal hiking area. From the Hochkopfturm, a wooden structure built in 1925, you have a fabulous view of the surrounding mountains Ballon and Feldberg as well as the Vosges and the magnificent Alpine panorama. The network of hiking trails around Dead moss is ideal for people who like to combine sun and nature.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal