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Swimming in the Windgfällweiher


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Between Feldberg-Altglashütten and Schluchsee lies the Windgfällweiher, a quiet place to cool off.

The natural lake has a size of 20ha and a maximum depth of 8m, is about 700m long and 400m wide.

In the heavily wooded lakeshore there are enough shady spots to relax and unwind.

Hidden between the well-known lakes Titisee and Schluchsee lies the Windgfällweiher. This idyllic lake, once a moorland, was converted into a weir in 1895 by building a dam and a water canal, which caused the water to rise by around six meters. Today the lake covers an area of ​​almost 20 hectares, measures 700 meters in length and 400 meters in width, with a maximum depth of six meters.

The lake has been under landscape protection since 1950, not least because of its remarkable biodiversity. Numerous bird species as well as rare plants, fungi and a variety of amphibians and reptiles call this place home. In addition to the diverse nature, the lido on the wooded east side is attractive - less crowded than its larger neighbors, it offers not only excellent water quality but also facilities such as a beach pool with SUB rental and a kiosk. A walking path around the lake provides an opportunity to explore this peaceful atmosphere and connect with nature in approximately 45 minutes.

Surrounded by natural beauty, the region around the Windgfällweiher invites you to enjoy numerous activities. Stand up paddling on the crystal clear water offers excellent balance exercise and the opportunity to experience the lake from a different perspective. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the area on the well-maintained paths. The soothing tranquility of nature makes every activity a relaxing experience.

Windgfällweiher beach

On the eastern shore of the lake is the Windgfällweiher lido, a place that forms a perfect symbiosis with its 1970s charm and modern amenities. The lake is approximately 1000 meters above sea level and, together with the beach, promises a refreshing break from everyday life. Whether you are looking for sporting activities or simply want to relax in the cool water, the lido has a lot to offer:

  • Pure relaxation: With a visit to the nostalgic lido, which is located on the eastern shore, you not only have the opportunity to cool off in the clear lake water, but also to get a cool refreshment at the kiosk.
  • Sport and fun: Anyone looking for an exciting water sport activity will be happy about the possibility of renting stand-up paddling boards at the lido. The lake's quiet location makes this an ideal leisure activity to explore the lake and its natural beauty.
  • Idyllic location: The lido offers limited seating and lounging areas between the lake and the characteristic wooden changing cabins, but those willing to take a short walk along the shore will soon discover more secluded bathing spots that offer a quiet alternative, especially on weekends.

    The lido's facilities include not only the basic amenities such as changing rooms and toilets, but also a terrace with a Baywatch bar, a table tennis table, a parent-child area with a playground and a variety of SUP activities, from courses to tours, parties to Yoga and surf survival training. Entrance fees are family-friendly: http://www.strandbad-windgfaellweiher.de/
What is the Windgfällweiher?

The Windgfällweiher is a picturesque reservoir in the heart of the High Black Forest. Created in 1895, the lake is now 700 meters long and 400 meters wide and, in addition to its natural beauty, offers numerous recreational opportunities.

Where is the Windgfällweiher located?

Nestled between Schluchsee and Feldberg-Altglashütten, this idyllic lake is easily accessible and a popular destination for visitors from near and far.

What activities can I do at Windgfällweiher?

Hiking on the surrounding paths, swimming in the natural waters during the warm months, stand-up paddling, and all of this in the midst of beautiful nature.

Are there entrance fees for the Windgfällweiher?

Access to the lake and its hiking trails is free. For the beach with kiosk, changing rooms and much more. costs a small entrance fee

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal