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Geroldsecker Castle Path

The Geroldsecker Castle Path

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Location: Seelbach
Track length: 2.8 km
Ascent: 124 m
Descent: 124 m
Starting point: Parking lot at the top of the Ludwigsäule pass

Educational fun for the whole family

As a child, did you also dream of finding out what life was like as a damsel or a knight? How did people live in such a huge building? You and your children can get answers to these and many other questions.

On the Geroldsecker Castle Path

The Castle Hohengeroldseck is located in Baden Württemberg, near Offenburg and Lahr in the beautiful Black Forest. You park your car at the car park at the top of the Ludwigsäule pass in the community of Seelbach and walk from there through the forest up to the castle. You can choose the longer path signposted with a yellow diamond, or you can continue up the road at the Schlossberg sign and then turn left onto the castle path after about 300 meters.

What makes the path so special?

The almost 3 km long path not only offers beautiful nature, but you embark on an adventure into a world long past!

There are a total of 9 stations along the way, at which bilingual boards are set up. The first tells the story of the castle complex, which has towered over the area since the 13th century. The other panels give a good insight into the way of life of the people. It shows what was needed in order to be able to take care of yourself well. The locations of the curtain wall, the lower castle gate or the smithy are displayed and explained why they were important.

A family hike with a lot of variety

To make it even more exciting and interesting, especially for the children, there are a large number of wooden sculptures in addition to the boards, such as a damsel, a great knight or an archer. In this way, young and old can go back in time even better and more authentically and knowledge is asked about the games and puzzles at each station and the imagination is sent on a journey into the past. Who wouldn't want to know why the knights slept in a four-poster bed? Or what a job a castle jester had in the community? And who can best hit a target with the catapult? There is plenty of fun and games!

What equipment do I need?

The underground of the path is stony, so walking shoes are recommended, but you can also bring a stroller with you and use it with larger wheels. Poles are a good support when hiking and if you are expecting sunny weather, adequate protection from the sun should be provided. Since the path is easy to walk on, you can also hike in bad weather, but you should not do without sticks here.

The experience continues

When you have reached the castle after about 1 hour, you will not only be rewarded with a wonderful view of the landscape, but you can also enjoy a guided tour of the castle. This is free and can be booked through the Seelbach Culture and Tourist Info. A castle guide takes you and your children on a historical journey through time right into the time of the castle lords and knights. Be careful, because this can lead to a fight between the residents of the castle and the maids could try to steal their thalers from you. This will be a very special experience, in which the culinary well-being is also taken care of. And maybe you will also learn the history of the Geroldseck family on this occasion, because like every castle there is an exciting legend to tell.

If you would like to combine historical knowledge with fun and exercise in nature during your vacation, this excursion is an absolute recommendation and will lead to many beautiful and lasting memories.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal


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