Magic trail Todtnau



Location: Todtnau
Track length: 4.4 km
Ascent: 43 m
Descent: 417 m
Suitable for prams: no
Starting point: Hasenhorn chairlift mountain station

The magic trail on the Hasenhorn was created especially for the young and young at heart. This is a great way for children to have fun hiking. You will surely find the magic stone in the bat cave too. The path is based on a book by Sabine Steinebrunner from Todtnau. Ms. Steinebrunner wrote the book especially for him Children's trail written and illustrated.

The route starts at the mountain station of the Hasenhorn chairlift at 1020m. From there, the children's hiking trail leads over a length of 4,4km on a narrow path 400m down into the valley Todtnau downhill. The magic path awaits with adventure stations, huts, a barbecue area after about 3 km and in the lower area the bat cave. The bat cave is an old mine tunnel which can be walked about 10m into it.

Summary of the story

Ilex and Farfara, two shy little pixies, live in a well-hidden cave. They are the keepers of the magic stone. Only with the elves does the stone have its magic power and thus the forest its color.

But now there is great excitement because the elves' magic stone has disappeared. Ilex and Farfara had hiked to the gnome hut. Ilex wanted to pick mushrooms for the soup and lost the magic stone. In search of the magic stone, the two elves pass the nest of the raven Ratzfatz, who is not at home at the moment. At the telescope, Ilex and Farfara meet the rabbit king Rubus Henry, who helps them with their search. On the Rabenfelsen the three friends come across an old beech tree that was badly damaged in a strong storm a few years ago. Since then he has been rumbling grouchily through the forest, turning the animals into wood. Grieswurz wonders why the forest is losing its color (black-and-white view) and, followed by Ilex, takes the shortcut to lever height. Farfara and Ratzfatz look everywhere for the magic stone and walk past the memory along the Hasenmattweg. You meet Fritzi Piep, the mouse, the magic stone ... but explore the mine at the barbecue site on the Hebelshöhe, the bat cave, Grieswurz and Grisella yourself and don't forget to look around on the way, there are many surprises to see.

The book is available at the tourist information office in Todtnau, in Todtnau retail outlets and in the Hasenhorn mountain inn.

Images courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal and unknown


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