Baiersbronner Holzweg



Location: Baiersbronn
Track length: 2.2 km
Ascent: 86 m
Descent: 86 m
Suitable for prams: no
Starting point: House on the Wasen

The Baiersbronner Holzweg is a 2,2 kilometer long circular route. Families can then apply their knowledge about the precious raw material wood there. The circular route conveys in a playful way the properties of wood as a raw material.

The Baiersbronner Holzweg

The Holzweg is open all year round. This brings the children closer to everyday substances or materials from the environment. There are 2,2 stations on the 16 km long route. At the stations there are huge roots, an oversized chimes made of wood, as well as a nursery with an integrated barefoot path, one or the other attraction. There is also a marble run there. There you can buy a small ball for 50 cents and take it with you as a souvenir. There are also shady and beautiful meadows. There you can linger and rest.

There is also an adventure and hiking map including a children's adventure pass in the hiking information center in Baiersbronn for active and enthusiastic children. There are various puzzles that the children can then solve on excursions and hikes and collect stamps. Those children who collect the stamps here will be rewarded with a gift at the end.

The aim of this path is to bring families, children and individual hikers closer to each and every one of them on an eventful and pleasant tour of the raw material that we encounter every day, wood. In the Black Forest in particular, forestry, and especially the timber industry, is one of the oldest forms of economy and you will be informed about this at 16 stations on this wooden trail. He also makes sure that the children are brought into connection with this topic in a playful way and that they may be more interested in this area in the future. The adults accompanying the children are rewarded with a beautiful view on the way, for example.

Since the path is sometimes very narrow, it is only partially suitable for a stroller. At the hiking information center it is possible to borrow a child carrier for around 5 euros per day.

Wrong way

The access and parking options

When arriving by car, after reaching Baiersbronn, you go there via Rosenplatz along the winter sidewalk to the "Haus am Wasen". From there there is a sign saying “Holzweg”. which one should follow.

You can park your car at the Heuberg. This is a parking lot for hikers. Alternatively, you can park in the underground car park in Baiersbronn at Rosenplatz. From here, as described above, there are signs with the designation “Holzweg”. The beginning of the Baiersbronner Holzweg is then about 1,4 kilometers away from this location.

The route cannot be reached directly by public transport. From Baiersbronn train station it is a 1,8 km walk to the starting point of the hiking trail. The relevant information center is located directly at the train station. Here the employees can also explain the route in detail and provide further information.

Image courtesy of Ulrike Klumpp


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