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Europa Park in Rust

Europa-Park Rust: There are these payment options

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Roller coasters, water games, carousels and delicious sweets: this mix is ​​only available in amusement parks. Children and adults alike are drawn to the attractions of the most popular facilities every year. Since 1975, fans of adrenaline and ultimate family adventures have been targeting the Europa-Park in Rust in particular. This park offers new highlights every season.

Despite all the tradition, progress is not neglected: You don't have to carry any cash with you at Europa-Park Rust. Most attractions are included in the entrance fee anyway. You can pull out your EC or credit card for snacks and photos of the journey. The popular Mastercard, for example, is accepted at many points in the park.

Electronic payment methods are booming in many areas. The distribution is increasing both offline and online. Those who love thrills might also be fans of online casinos. Also here are MasterCard casinos now very popular because the money can be deposited in real time, but is only debited from the account later. If you want to try your luck, you can do so at various booths in Europa-Park. Here, however, payment by Mastercard is usually not possible, only cash.

Here you can now find comprehensive information about the available means of payment at Europa-Park Rust. We clarify where EC and credit cards, such as the Mastercard, are accepted and what the in-house means of payment via the Emotions Card and Annual Card are all about.

Payment by EC card at Europa-Park

Payment with the EC card is still one of the most commonly used payment methods. Visitors are not dependent on a credit card or another account with a digital payment service provider. Also, most people carry their bank card with them in their wallet at all times. It is always at hand and can be used without contact thanks to the card terminal.

In Rust, admission is quickly paid for with an EC card. After that, the use of countless attractions is free. Beforehand, visitors should take a look at Rust's profile and the park signposts available on site. You can find all the individual stations in the park map. Visitors can easily commit themselves to a route. In this way, you can see as much of the 95-hectare park as possible during a one-day stay.

Attention: The entrance fee only covers the cost of admission. Meals and drinks are not included. Depending on their needs, visitors should expect additional daily expenses of around EUR 40 to EUR 70. Additional purchases and the purchase of postcards also require cash.

Use PayPal when ordering online

Buying tickets online is even better than paying on site. Many travel in the summer months. Then the park is quite full. Tickets are already sold out on some days. The park is strict here: employees only let in as many customers as are permitted. If you buy your tickets in advance in the Europa-Park Rust online shop, you definitely have the right to access the park.

Buying online is quick when you use PayPal. Users need an account and can thus benefit from the easy use of PayPal benefit and process payments in real time. PayPal even allows funds to be transferred from one email address to another. So far, there are no fees for a transfer to a friend's account.

PayPal is definitely recommended for Europa-Park Rust. What makes PayPal so popular:

  • Receive money quickly
  • Protection when buying
  • Hassle-free refund
  • No need to enter the IBAN
  • Immediate transfer of money
  • Money can be sent abroad
  • 30 days deferred payment
  • Installment payments are now possible

Pay cashless with Emotion and Annual Passes

Emotion cards are the most beautiful gifts parents can give their children. In the run-up to Christmas, the sale of the coveted tickets never stops. In the park itself, cashless payment with cards is possible at any time. Emotion cards are voucher cards. Donors load the cards with a desired amount.

Buyers can obtain them either from the park's online shop or directly at Europa-Park. The practical thing: the rechargeable card cannot be used just once. With this, the park sets an example and is committed to sustainability.

Why Europa-Park fans often use the card:

  • It is not tied to any person
  • Use in the park, within gastronomy and hotel possible
  • Additional payment permitted at any time

Annual passes are also popular. The ResortPass Gold is the highlight for adrenaline junkies. This membership and the card transferred in the process are understood to be first-class cards. With it, visitors have access to almost all attractions and various accommodation options for 1 year. It is considered a cash substitute and must be carried with you every time you visit the park.

Credit card payment and Giropay

Germany loves its credit cards. No wonder, because the small plastic cards offer many advantages. Users pay cashless. The cards can also be used abroad and short-term loans are no problem at all if you have the right background. These factors alone speak for themselves. Europa-Park Rust has integrated the map due to national and international visitor traffic.

The turnover with credit cards in Germany is well over 100 million euros. There are interesting things about this Credit card statistics, which card users should definitely read once. After that, users will feel even more secure when paying with Master Card and American Express at Europa-Park Rust.

The alternative to the credit card is the transaction via Giropay. Giropay uses the login data at the house bank. The money is available immediately. Customers receive goods and services just as quickly as with other payment methods. Payment is secure, intuitive, modern and requires no activation.

Buy tickets on site

Don't feel like shopping online? Then visitors simply pay with the available cash. This option is primarily used by spontaneous park friends. During your holiday trip you happen to drive past Europa-Park and want to experience the roller coasters up close. Online purchases are difficult, which is why paying cash is worthwhile in this case.

Attention: When paying in cash, visitors need a good deal of luck. The park is generally full on hot summer days and weekends. Many people want to enjoy their free time here and choose among the possible ones Excursion destinations the amusement park. The parking lot is full. On these days, spontaneous visitors rarely get access to the park. The situation is different when the weather is bad and you visit during the week.

Paying in cash can add up to high costs for families. Also, ticket prices change from time to time. A prior visit to the site is essential. In this way, parents can better calculate the expenses and do not go to the park with too little money. Alternatively, tourists can also book on site via the Internet and receive their tickets that way. You still need a little cash for food in the park.

Images courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate and Asal Mark OFlynn