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A holiday in the Black Forest is attractive all year round

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Holidays in the Black Forest have already inspired many generations of people and the region has lost none of its attractiveness to this day. The Black Forest is still a year-round tourist resort that can offer activities and highlights from every category and therefore always fascinates all guests.

This is also the case regardless of the season, because the Black Forest always has something to offer. In winter it's the snow-covered mountains, in summer the magnificent landscapes of the three-country region in the south-western tip of Germany. The Black Forest is full of mythology and legends and therefore has a special attraction for many guests.

The ski areas of the Black Forest

There are ski areas throughout the Black Forest. In the northern regions they are located around the two towns of Bad Wildbad and Freudenstadt, while skiing is particularly good in the central Black Forest around Schramberg. The southern Black Forest is the area of ​​highlights, as the Feldberg is certainly the most famous point in the ski region. Directly near Freiburg, all passionate skiers will get their money's worth when they can ski down the mountaintop on the beautiful white.

The slopes and cross-country trails in the Black Forest are small and manageable, giving them an advantage over the larger regions in the Alps. The better overview is ideal for families, even with small children. But the best thing for skiers of all ages are the rustic huts and nice restaurants, where the day can end in a cozy atmosphere typical of the region.

Pools and thermal baths are further highlights that can be headed for when there is something to do other than skiing. The region is equipped with numerous alternative highlights and also the Europa Park in Rust is not far if families want to make the children happy with a day-long excursion.

Discover mountain bike tours in the Black Forest

The Black Forest is made for real fans of mountain bike tours. It offers a system of trails that can be ridden and are well signposted so that even uninformed riders always know where to ride. In addition, there is the wide range of hotels, which makes it easy to plan a tour in such a way that maximum experiences can be taken with you and you can stop off again and again in the evening.

A romantic vision of complete freedom on two wheels for all mountain bike lovers. In this sense, this also applies to motorbike fans, who will find their very own routes in the Black Forest.

Without having to drive many kilometers, really drastic vertical meters can be reached here. The Kandelhöhenweg, which is one of the most beautiful mountain bike trails in Germany, goes up to more than 1.200 hm. There are great views here that will delight recreational athletes and families. But performance-oriented athletes can also let off steam on the Kandelhöhenweg and discover new highlights for themselves.

In each hotel you will find numerous indications of which bike routes can be reached from the point of your stay and what special features there are to see. The fun starts with the planning of the trips.

The Black Forest is a paradise for hikers

The most original experience in the Black Forest are the hikes, which can be a unique and unforgettable experience over several days. The mountain huts along the hiking routes are geared towards overnight guests or are simply available for a stop. In this way, the region can be explored in stages without having to keep returning to the starting point. Being able to plan the stages individually and adjust the number of kilometers per day so that it becomes a pleasant hike is easy in the Black Forest. The network of mountain huts is sufficiently developed for this.

The hikes offer varied experiences. Those who would like to climb mountain peaks have plenty of opportunities here, but idyllic river courses, fragrant mountain meadows or impressive valleys and gorges also have their charm. The varied landscape invites you to stray from the path again and again and to explore individual areas.

In the southern Black Forest alone, hikers have 8.300 km of signposted hiking trails at their disposal. This also includes the pre-planned adventure routes, through which the Black Forest can be ideally explored by all visitors. Rock hikes have their special appeal, but the trees on the Waidbuchen hike also spread a very special natural atmosphere.

The Black Forest is a pleasure at any time of the year

It doesn't matter whether it's summer or winter, the Black Forest has many great offers in every season and inspires its guests practically around the clock. The popular holiday region is particularly geared towards experiencing nature. You can spend hours discovering new things here by bike, hiking boots or cross-country skis, or you can revisit familiar ones.

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