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Switzerland - a popular destination for vacationers in the Black Forest

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The Black Forest is one of the most popular regions among Germans. The beauty of nature with the green forests and the idyllic villages impress visitors and the spas provide rest and relaxation. Some people already have one Cuckoo clock left to remember his stay in the Black Forest forever.

Anyone visiting the Black Forest can take a city trip to Freiburg or Baden-Baden if they feel like sightseeing. They offer pure nature Triberg waterfalls, Titisee and the Schluchsee, which you can explore by boat or cycle around. Families often travel to Europa Park to enjoy its many attractions. The roller coasters and wild water rides offer full action for young and old and the show stages invite you to dance, music and theater.

If you don't just want to explore the Black Forest, you should also take a trip to neighboring Switzerland. The Rhine Valley connects Germany, Switzerland and France in a beautiful way. While on the French side, Alsace and its historical capital Strasbourg can explore, the southern part of the Black Forest borders Switzerland. The area around is worth seeing Basel not only has museums, historical buildings and modern architecture to offer, but much more.


The city of Basel attracts many guests with its medieval old town and town hall from the 16th century. But Basel has more to offer than just the obvious. How about the ARTour Basel, where 10 digital works of art are brought to life with an app and the cell phone camera in and around Basel?

The Basel Tattoo has nothing to do with tattooing, but invites you to the second largest military music festival in the world in summer. Brass band music, bagpipes and folklore inspire spectators and listeners every year.

In the evening, the Grand Casino Basel invites you to a stay with games, fun and culinary delights. If you have challenged your luck at the roulette or blackjack tables, or won a few free spins at the slots, you can satisfy your hunger in one of the casino's restaurants. In the Grill & Chill you should not miss a warm summer evening on the terrace: food from the grill, live music and a great view.

In Hangar 9, a restaurant where everything revolves around flying, top chefs spoil the guests. If you want to learn more about the casinos in Switzerland, you should check out the time2play.com Visit the website where all Swiss casinos are presented in detail. The experts scrutinize the casinos and evaluate their offers.

Bank of the Rhine in Basel

If you are looking for relaxation and want to refresh yourself, you should go to the banks of the Rhine in Basel. The numerous "buvettes" provide drinks and snacks, so that you can endure it here for a long time. Whether after swimming, a bike tour or a walk, the banks of the Rhine are very popular with the people of Basel, who are not averse to a nice chat. If you want to know more, you can also cross the Rhine with a ferry and see how beautiful it is from the other side of the river. Or simply take a boat tour and get to know the city of Basel from the water.

Basel city cityscape

Botanical garden

The Botanical Garden of the University of Basel is a welcome change to escape the heat of the city in the summer months, which is appreciated by the people of Basel as well as the visitors of the city. The botanical garden can be visited all year round and invites you to linger with the Alpinum, Mediterranean garden, four tropical houses and other sights.

Plant lovers will find interesting flora-themed events here throughout the year. The Basel Botanical Garden can also be found at Botanica, a project in which 25 Swiss gardens and plant collections take part every year. Every year, a different motto takes center stage: in 2022 it is climate change in the plant kingdom.

If you are not only interested in the flora of the country, but also in the fauna, you can also examine frogs, tawny owls, the blue fairy bird and other animals in the botanical garden.

Basel carnival

This is also the Black Forest: a relaxed atmosphere, creative costumes and a three-day festival with music, dance and morning treats. First mentioned in a document from 1376, the Basel guilds also had an influence on the event in the 16th century.

The largest carnival in Switzerland is even part of the intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site. No wonder that thousands of visitors every year on the Monday after Ash Wednesday Basel morning prank flock to be at the event. At the Cortège, the carnival performers parade through the streets of Basel and show their costumes, which they have often worked on for months.

Away from the green forests of the Black Forest, Basel presents itself with an urban and busy flair. But the area around Basel also has picturesque forests with ruins and fantastic views to offer.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal