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Gersbach in the southern Black Forest

Excursion destinations in the Black Forest for the adventurous

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Cuckoo clocks, wonderful nature, forests like those from the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales and lots of cities with excellent casinos - all this and much more can be found in the Black Forest. Who could be surprised that there are so many casino fans among the many tourists? These get their money's worth. There are so many excursion destinations that a single annual vacation is certainly too short to really discover everything. But anyone who has been there once will most likely come to the area again. Since you have to start somewhere, here are some suggestions and tips for things to do and goals that (not only) players can put on their vacation list and go to on their first visit.

Always with you: a smartphone or tablet

The Black Forest is mostly forest, but internet coverage is excellent. Hardly anyone travels without their smartphone these days, because it's handy for finding your way around and getting additional information when you're on the go. Casino players appreciate their mobile phones for more reasons anyway. Otherwise, most of them would do one or the other during a holiday Casino online no deposit bonus miss out, which would be extremely counterproductive.

If a real fan has his way, the games should never be missing, especially when traveling if you have the time. Although many mute their smartphones and allow themselves a conscious break from being constantly available during everyday life, a break from the casino is not desirable at all. A second cell phone or a tablet is the solution to this little dilemma. This fits perfectly in your holiday luggage and of course you can take it with you to the Black Forest.

There it is unpacked whenever the user wants to play, whether during a hiking or cycling tour, in a taxi, comfortably in the holiday accommodation or in the hotel. Casino fans are by no means dependent on moving from casino to casino during their journey, but often prefer to remain flexible. They're just normal people, even if sometimes a bit more playful than the average vacationer.

What draws players to the Black Forest of all places?

As just mentioned, players are not necessarily distinguishable from other vacationers. There are of course some excellent casinos in the Black Forest (more on that later). However, it is not necessarily the case that this is the primary or even the only reason for choosing a holiday destination. Quite a few game fans take their mobile devices with them for this.

So it may well be that you cannot distinguish a player from other Black Forest tourists at all, because he plays discreetly, doesn't trumpet it loudly around the area and you tend to watch him or her strolling through town, hiking, or visiting a spa or the waterfalls or other Black Forest activities.

In any case, it is not externally recognizable what hobbies a person has unless you ask them directly. To get back to the question, it is probably the case that casino players often do not actually stay in the Black Forest because of their passion for casino games, but for reasons that any other holidaymaker there would also mention: The Black Forest is simply incredibly beautiful, inspiring and gives you freedom for many activities.

The good food

Which excursion destination should you choose first if you have to name one in the Black Forest? Many would now probably say: somewhere where there is good food. Some will laugh now, but those who do will probably have forgotten for a moment what Black Forest ham tastes like. Now, if you don't agree (perhaps there are vegetarian readers), perhaps you should instead Black Forest cake think. Yes, what is meant is the world-famous cream cake with the kirsch, the chocolate biscuit and of course the cherries.

You could say that this cake is for gourmets what the famous kettle game with the ball is for a gambling fan – simply that Mercedes-Benz among the desserts or casino games, depending on what the focus is on. Gaming also works online, as mentioned before. This works pretty much regardless of location. But eating the original cake where it was invented is something you don't experience every day. That's why a suitable restaurant or café, best recommended by locals or residents of the resort, is definitely the number one (and two and three) destination.

"Real" casinos in the Black Forest

It's really not as if casino fans aren't in the Black Forest because of the casinos. There are really some of them that are particularly beautiful. The Baden-Baden casino, for example, is one of the most famous in Germany. It is luxurious, opulent and almost two hundred years old, which is why it is known all over the world. It is certainly not suitable as a destination if you only want to make a stopover between two hiking trips, because those who stay in this noble house will prefer to do so with style and class. This includes a neat hairstyle and of course a nice wardrobe.

The house is a veritable palace, so one can and should dress appropriately and also be extravagant when it comes to jewelry. Dancing, excellent dining and playing, all this can be realized in a dreamlike ambience. The fans of online casinos have to admit without envy that this atmosphere on the Internet simply cannot be duplicated. A visit to the Baden-Baden casino is an experience that no one will ever forget. Incidentally, in this popular casino you also meet self-confessed non-gamblers, because it is one of the best destinations in the Black Forest, which is really worthwhile for every guest.

Europa Park

If you like casino games, you will most likely find excitement, action and adventure great. That's why Europa-Park Rust definitely belongs on the list of the best destinations for casino lovers. This park is also popular and world-famous because the roller coaster alone is huge. It's even the largest roller coaster in Europe!

There are also at least 99 other attractions that provide variety, excitement and entertainment. Bobsledding in Switzerland, a white water tour and even a trip into space are all possible for visitors. Since 2019, an exciting indoor water world has also been waiting to be conquered by guests. It has 17 ingenious water slides and is unique. With all this excitement, even the most devoted casino fans will postpone their next gaming session and, for once, not log into the casino.

Mineral and thermal baths and other wet destinations

The Black Forest is famous for its numerous baths, which are said to have healing properties. If you spend a night at the casino in Baden-Baden, you could use the following day to relax at Friedrichsbad or Caracalla, which is also located in the beautiful city. The view of the outdoor area of ​​the thermal baths alone is heavenly.

 Outside the city, however, there are many more oases of well-being, each with its own charm and a positive effect on health. Every visitor to the Black Forest should have experienced at least one thermal bath, whether casino player or not. After staying in this special mineral-rich water, you will feel like new and completely relaxed. If you are more interested in fun and sport on holiday, you could alternatively visit one of the many leisure and fun pools or a bathing lake in the Black Forest.

The most popular and largest lake is of course Lake Constance! Casino players feel comfortable here, which of course is not only because you can play a round in the online casino on the beach. Water sports, a trip on the ship, volleyball, football or boccia on the beach and many more activities are just fun and spice up your Black Forest holiday.

sights and culture

The Black Forest has so many sights to offer that they can hardly be covered in one article. Whether churches, museums, castles or palaces, there really is something for every taste. Or how about a visit to the mine? Casino fans are of course aware that they have no reception underground and therefore no connection to the online casino, but who would seriously think about casino games in such an environment?

The same applies to a visit to the zoo. There is WiFi there, but the mobile phone is usually not used for the casino app in the presence of the exotic animals, but rather for selfies, videos and panorama photos. The larger zoos are located in Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Pforzheim, with many more zoos and animal enclosures scattered around the Black Forest area.

Those who prefer to go to a museum are spoiled for choice. The open-air museum Vogtsbauernhof enables its visitors to take a journey into the past and shows how the Black Forest people once lived. There is also a jewelery museum and a costume museum, which also show the possible dress code of the casinos of the time. From a watch museum to a mining museum, there is much more to discover.

Casino fans feel completely at home in the Black Forest

Ultimately, one cannot get bored in the Black Forest. With dozens of museums and hiking trails, beautiful landscapes and fascinating history, the whole area is a magical place. Finally, if you want to take a break, you can have a picnic on a beautiful meadow under the trees, preferably with the popular cherry cake.

Casino fans then like to use this opportunity to pull out their smartphone or tablet and find out about the gambling news, play a round and get the No deposit casino bonus to pick up. While this is available across Germany, casino fans might enjoy it even more in the Black Forest light and holiday mood.

Images courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal and Photo by FunkyFocus on Pixabay