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Location: Glottertal

The fantastically beautiful Glottertal lies in the middle of a truly breathtaking natural backdrop in the central Black Forest, not far from Freiburg. The Glottertal forms the transition from the central to the southern Black Forest. It is traversed by the Glotter, a 40 kilometer long tributary of the Dreisam. On the horizon, on one side, the foothills of the Kandel massif form the backdrop of the Glottertal. On the other side of the valley rises the Roßkopf, which, together with its adjacent mountain ridges, separates it from the Dreisamtal.

Attractive holiday backdrops

The Glottertal, which stretches from 280 meters above sea level to the Kandel summit at 1.241 meters, offers one of the most attractive holiday settings in Germany. Suitable for both individual and family holidays, the Glottertal not only attracts with its nature, but also with a colorful variety of farmers and fairs, carnival events and exciting events such as golf, sled dog races, skiing, hiking and parachuting. The picturesque Glottertal has a lot to offer for every age group and its unique, natural beauty is revealed to visitors in all its different charms at any time of the year. The Christmas markets in the Glottertal villages are also well-known, and they know how to seduce visitors with their cozy candlelight and the scent of cinnamon rolls and mulled wine. However, if you are looking for wellness and relaxation, you will get your money's worth with the spas and health resorts in this region. The Romans already appreciated the wonderful healing power of the Black Forest thermal water. Traditionally, the Glottertal is a historic mining area. Silver, zinc and iron in particular were mined here. A lively mining activity, of which various old tunnel entrances and spoil heaps in the valley still bear witness today. The mining tradition is still maintained here today, with attractions such as prospecting for gold or panning for gold being offered to visitors. If you like, you can look for traces of the Nibelungen treasure on the nearby Rhine or let your first washed gold flash in the pan on the Rhine meadows with a good portion of campfire romance. However, the Glottertal is also famous for its viticulture, the first written evidence of which dates back to the 16th century. Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Muskateller from, due to their steep hillside, grapes cultivated purely by hand, invite the visitor to taste and enjoy. However, the regionally typical wine specialties "Roter Bur" and "Scheffelwein" are particularly popular.

A very special attraction

...of the Glottertal, however, is the Black Forest Clinic. Since the mid-1980s, since the Carlsbau in Glottertal, then a health clinic run by the Württemberg State Insurance Institute, the outdoor backdrop for the famous ZDF series “The Black Forest Clinic” with Klausjürgen Wussow, Gaby Dohm and Sascha Hehn, the stream of fan tourism pilgrims who visit the building, which has been empty since 2004, continues every year. However, filming for a sequel season of the famous television series began in Glottertal in the summer of 2005. The main actors are of course Klaus Jürgen Wussow and Sascha Hehn.

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