Location: Loeffingen

The market town from the 13th century ensures the guests holiday and leisure entertainment of a family-friendly resort.

With the places Bachheim, the recognized climatic health resort Dittishausen, Göschweiler, Reiselfingen, Seppenhofen and Unadingen welcomes you with the hospitality and charm of a traditional market and pilgrimage town and offers you a holiday landscape that fulfills all holiday wishes in its beauty and diversity and with its facilities .

Hospitality and excellent gastronomy, the well-known Black Forest Park with animal enclosures, picturesque hiking trails for Wutach Gorge, as well as sports, leisure and recreational facilities complete the vacation offer. And in every season of the year you will be pampered by our mountain climate, even in sunny, fog-free autumn weeks and on spring days with a blue-clear view of the Alps.

Location and transport connections Conveniently located between the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance near the border with France and Switzerland.

Löffingen is located directly on the B31 federal road Freiburg and A5 50 km - to Donaueschingen and A81 25 km - Stuttgart, Konstanz, Zurich and Alsace within 100 km.

Löffingen is an hourly train station on the Freiburg - Donaueschingen - Ulm / Tübingen route. Easternmost station on the Regiokarte for all train and bus routes in the greater Freiburg area.

In the area of ​​100 km the major airports:

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