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The most dog-friendly travel destinations in Europe

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The dog is man's best friend, always by his side, ready to protect you. As much joy as a four-legged friend can bring you, it sometimes means so much work. When it comes to vacation, many dog ​​owners ask themselves what to do with the dog. Not everyone has relatives or friends willing to take in the beloved pet for several days or even weeks. Of course there are kennels in most regions. These are always a smart solution, but for some they are simply too expensive and many dog ​​owners do not even want to put the animal through it.

The Internet not only makes it possible to make purchases in the blink of an eye or in the Merkur online casino real money to play, but it also answers numerous questions. This is the task of this article, which asks all dog owners where the most dog-friendly travel destinations are in Europe.

Give the dog a break too

Either there is no suitable solution to leave the dog at home, or you plan to travel with your four-legged friend from the start. How you travel with your pet depends on a number of factors. Of course, good preparation is required, but the chosen destination should offer the best possible conditions for the animal and its owner. 

Not every country in Europe is equally friendly to dogs. Holidays quickly become a torture when it is not possible to check into a particular hotel or visit restaurants because of the beloved animal. Of course, the dog can't do anything about it, if then it failed due to a lack of planning, which is why the best thing to do from the start is to choose a country that welcomes dogs and welcomes them with open arms.

Dogs are welcome guests in these countries

Certain countries and their populations in Europe are known to be particularly fond of animals. Such travel destinations are a good starting point for your own planning, but they are only half the battle. Just because dogs are popular in a certain country doesn't mean that every hotel or restaurant welcomes them. It is ideal if, as soon as the decision on a certain country has been made, you plan in detail. So the holiday runs smoothly and not only the dog owners, but also the animal itself has fun.


According to recent studies, Switzerland is the most dog-friendly country in Europe. That may come as a surprise to some, given that Switzerland seems particularly strict in other areas. The Swiss like to go out in the fresh air and although the country is small, countless breeds of dog that are still known and valued today originate from the country. A number of hotels and guesthouses express their love of dogs with special offers. There are now accommodations in Switzerland that offer a diverse wellness program not only for people but also for dogs.


Hardly anywhere else is hiking as popular as in the Czech Republic. The Czechs like to be in the fresh air, preferably with their four-legged companions. So the Czechs are not just one of them best in gambling, but also among the most dog-friendly countries in Europe. So if you are planning an outdoor holiday, you should definitely consider the Czech Republic. Not only is the dog doing well there, the landscape is simply impressive in many places.


It doesn't always have to be far away to find the necessary relaxation and recreation. Germany and the Germans are known for their love of dogs and with a little research you can find hotels and guesthouses in almost every region that are happy to have their four-legged companions with their guests. Holidays are also ideal when you spontaneously need some relaxation and a break from everyday life.


The second country in the list related to the Alps. Dogs also have a long tradition in the Alpine republic. They have always been used in various areas, which is why dogs are perceived there as more than just cuddly friends. Of course, Austria also has its own traditional and recognized dog breeds worldwide. Anyone who owns one of these has the best chance of being received even more kindly in certain respects.

It turns out that it is particularly in countries with a great outdoor tradition that dogs are welcomed. So if you set off to start a longer hiking holiday, you are guaranteed to find the infrastructure you need to have an unforgettable time with your dog. City trips with four-legged friends are generally not recommended, because dogs can be overwhelmed relatively quickly and they can mean cuts in numerous areas for the pet owner, which sometimes spoil the holiday.

Image courtesy of Photo by Kwiaatekk on Pixabay