Learn to ski on the Feldberg
Learn to ski on the Feldberg

Skiing: Beginners should know these tips


There's no question: Skiing can be a lot of fun - especially if you have the appropriate basic knowledge. Many passionate ski fans learn the skills they need on the slopes at a comparatively young age. Here, the respect for falling is often not as strong as it is, for example, with adults.

In this context, skiing is often compared to cycling or swimming. Anyone who has acquired the relevant skills once will not forget them again so quickly.

But what if the interest in skiing comes later? Do not worry! In most of the larger ski resorts there are numerous ski schools that also focus on teaching adults. The ideas for suitable accommodations are also available, among other things snowtrex.de. It also doesn't hurt to be inspired by the following tips.

Tip No. 1: The right equipment

If you want to ski, you need the right equipment, among other things. Skis and ski boots, ski poles, but also the right clothing are part of the absolute minimum standard here. The skis shouldn't be too long to start with. As a guideline, a ski should be about 20 cm shorter than your body length. In this way, it can usually be adjusted well even by beginners. At the same time, of course, the comfort factor also plays an important role. If you take a little time to deal with the possibilities in the area of ​​equipment, you will quickly create a reliable basis.

Additional tip: Not every beginner is so motivated that they want to buy all their equipment right away. In the various ski areas there is always the option of renting everything you need.

Tip No. 2: Put on your ski boots

So that the ski cannot slip away when you put it on, it is important that the two stoppers on the sides point downwards. When putting on skis on a slope, the skis should always be placed across the slope. After that, the ski can usually be clicked in easily.

Tip No. 3: First exercises on skis

Now it's time to get to know the skis and the feeling on the slopes better. The safest thing to do here is to choose a level that is as straight as possible and to keep pushing your right and left foot forward and back. If you want, you can try out all eventualities from here, for example by jumping, standing on just one ski, etc. . If you are on skis for the very first time, you should definitely not start with an ambitious descent, but try moving on the flat first. The poles provide the momentum that is needed. Only when a feeling of security slowly sets in is it advisable to go one step further. (see tip no. 4)

Tip #4: The slight incline

Caution! Even slight gradients can lead to comparatively high speeds when skiing. It is therefore important in the first step to decide on a slope that leads to a larger run-out area. If you don't have enough practice in braking, you can usually "extend out" comfortably.

In general, the skis should be in a parallel position to each other. Driving on a slight incline is particularly suitable for practicing braking, among other things. The so-called snow plow is used for this purpose. With him, the edges of the skis have to be pressed firmly into the snow, but with sensitivity. The tips of the skis point inwards. (What sounds comparatively easy can be a real challenge, especially for beginners. It is therefore absolutely normal that it takes several attempts (and a lot of practical experience) to be able to brake safely. However, it is definitely worth staying on the ball .

Tip No. 5: Take curves

Every skier knows that even the most harmonious pistes do not always lead straight ahead. Therefore, it is of course also important to take corners. At the beginning it is easiest to rely on the snow plow here as well. If you feel safe, you can even leave out the sticks. In the first step it is important to load the inside edge of one (!) ski. At the same time, the leg that is inside the curve is slightly lifted.

The same applies to cornering as to the slight incline and braking: practice, practice, practice! It definitely pays to persevere here. A ski holiday of just a few days is usually enough to discover the fun of this very special sport.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal
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