Wunderfitz path Simonswald
Wunderfitz path Simonswald

Simon's Schlawinerweg in Simonswald


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Location: Simonswald
Track length: 3.6 km
Ascent: 127 m
Descent: 127 m
Suitable for prams: no
Starting point: Jockenhof village museum in Obersimonswald

The Schlawinerweg in the Simonswald is a family-friendly hiking trail in the Black Forest. The families set out to find Simon's hat and go on a search with several stations and playful activities.

With a lot of quiz questions, you start on a discovery tour. You should walk carefully through the forest and make sure that no clue about the thief of Simon's hat is lost. The Schlawinerweg in the Simonswald is 3,6 kilometers long. The hiking time is approx. 1,15 hours. The highest point of the hiking route is at 524 m, the lowest point is 414 m.


The starting point of the hiking route is the Gasthaus Rebstock at the Jockenhof village museum in Obersimonswald.

With an increase of 127 m it goes up to the Jockenkreuz. Take care of the hats, don't forget to count them. From there it is important to find the right way with animal clues. Always keep your eyes open, otherwise you will miss something. This is followed by various stations where the children get to know nature and its forest dwellers in a playful way. Never forget to look for Simon's hat on these routes. There's a lot to discover.

A small path leads hikers in the direction of “Wilden Gutach” into the snail forest. Always pay attention to the large and small snails. You never know if you've missed something. On the path with a small incline, you get to the sports playground with barbecue areas, which invites you to take a break. The children can play wildly. Strengthened, you continue on the torrent, where you cross the bridge at the Stegenbauernhof. There the children can put their climbing skills to the test. In the end, you have to pay special attention to who stole Simon's hat. The thief is not far away. It goes back to the starting point via a meadow path.

A successful day

The Schlawinerweg in Simonswald is a beautiful hiking route with children, on which there is a lot to discover. The search for the mascot Simon's hat is a successful expedition with the quiz questions the children have to solve, and not just for the little ones. Legendary animal carvings decorate the hiking trails and information boards explain to hikers how, for example, fallow deer antlers grow. Very nice break areas with wooden huts and benches invite you to linger. Have a nice day of hiking on the Schlawinerweg in the Simonswald.

Further information for hikers:

Directions: Coming from Waldkirch, Elzbach, take the B294 to Gutach-Bleibach, then right onto the L173 to Simonswald Gasthaus Rebstock. Come from Furtwangen, Gütenbach take the B500 to Neueck, then continue on the L173.

Parking: The Obersimonswald car park is diagonally opposite the Gasthaus Rebstock.

Public transportation: If you travel by public transport from Waldkirch and Elzbach, take the Breisgau S-Bahn to Gutach-Bleibach. From there, take the 7272 bus to Simonswald Gasthaus Rebstock. Good arrival.

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