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Herzogenhorn (1415m)

Herzogenhorn in the Black Forest: Between the performance center and Krunkelbach

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The majestic Herzogenhorn (1415m)

With an impressive height of around 1.415 meters, the Herzogenhorn rises majestically in the breathtaking landscape of the southern Black Forest. As the second highest peak in Baden-Württemberg, it gives the region a special charisma. Its striking silhouette can be seen all the way to the main Alpine ridge even in clear weather and therefore attracts nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and top athletes alike.

Anyone who arrives at the summit cross can enjoy a unique view. When the weather is clear, you can go from the summit of the Herzogenhorn as well as from the Feldberg to the north and the one to the west Ballon a breathtaking panoramic view over the Alpine chain. From the Zugspitze in the southeast to Mont Blanc in the southwest, you can marvel at the majestic Alps in ideal weather conditions. In the west, the Vosges Mountains can be seen across the Rhine plain. The Black Forest peaks Belchen, Feldberg, Spießhorn are within reach.

Hiking tours to the summit

The mountain is often the destination of hikers from Bernau, Menzenschwand or from the Feldberg Pass (Hebelhof) climb over the Grafenmatt. Especially the mountain ranges that run from the summit south towards St. Blasien and west over the Bernauer Kreuz to the Hasenhorn Todtnau tours are popular with hikers.

The Herzogenhorn is not only known for its impressive hiking trails, but also because of the northeastern edge of the summit, where there is a cirque of the Kriegsbach cirque with an avalanche path. In 2015, a tragedy occurred here when a woman was buried in an avalanche during a ski tour and lost her life.

The characteristically high summit cross is another attraction for hikers. It can be reached from the Feldberg Pass in about 75 minutes on foot. The tours to the mountain are not only a sporting challenge, but also a visual highlight that rewards you with an incomparable view when the weather is clear.

The sources of the Herzogenhorn: Krunkelbach, Kriegsbach and Prägbach

The hike to the Herzogenhorn not only offers impressive panoramic views, but also the opportunity to discover the sources of the Krunkelbach, the Kriegsbach and the Prägbach. These streams shape the landscape and create a refreshing atmosphere during the hike. They cross the path again and again and invite you to take a short break to enjoy the rippling water and the silence of nature.

Culinary stop: The Krunkelbachhütte

A highlight of every hike is a visit to the Krunkelbach Hut. Nestled in the landscape of the High Black Forest, the hut not only offers a welcome rest stop, but also tasty Black Forest specialties. The Hut is a popular meeting point for hikers and mountain bikers and offers a cozy atmosphere to linger and enjoy.

Sporting challenge: The Herzogenhorn Performance Center

The Herzogenhorn Performance Center , located at around 1.350 meters above sea level, is more than just an inn with an attractive sun terrace. For decades it has been a renowned contact point for top German sport and offers optimal training conditions for top athletes. But not only professional athletes get their money's worth here, hikers, mountain bikers and skiers are also welcome.

The area surrounding the performance center offers well-prepared cross-country ski trails of various levels of difficulty as well as alpine ski runs. Whether beginner or advanced – everyone will find the right route for themselves here. It is therefore not only a destination for a hike, but also a place where you can do sports.

In conclusion, a hike to the Herzogenhorn is an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to enjoy nature, do sports or just enjoy the view – the Herzogenhorn offers something for everyone.

FAQ about the Herzogenhorn

Is the Herzogenhorn the highest peak in the Black Forest?

The Herzogenhorn is often referred to as the second highest peak in the Black Forest. However, this is only correct if the Feldberg's secondary peaks, the Seebuck and the Baldenweger Buck, are not defined as independent mountains.

Is the Herzogenhorn Performance Center open to the public?

Yes, the Herzogenhorn performance center is open to hikers, mountain bikers and skiers all year round. The center's restaurant offers a large sun terrace with a breathtaking view of the plateau and the striking peak.

What does the Herzogenhorn Performance Center offer?

It is a training center for top German athletes. It also offers well-groomed cross-country ski trails and alpine ski runs for sports enthusiasts of all levels.

How high is the Herzogenhorn?

With a height of around 1.415 meters, it is the second highest mountain in the Black Forest. It is located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. From up there you have a fantastic view and, when the weather is good, you can even see the Alps.

Can you see from the Herzogenhorn to the Feldberg?

Yes, that is possible. The Feldberg is not far away and in good weather there is an excellent view of the Feldberg, the highest peak in the region. So pack your hiking boots and enjoy the impressive landscape!

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal