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Bernauer Cross

Krunkelbach Hut - Gisiboden - Hasenhorn - Todtnau

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Home: Krunkelbach Hut – Bernau

Kilometer: 11,8

altitude: 560

Duration: 4


Scenic tour from the Krunkelbach Hut Herzogenhorn to the Hasenhorn and the longest toboggan run in Germany Todtnau.


From the Krunkelbachhütte we follow the signs to Hof Eck, where there is also a barbecue area.

After a warm sausage in the stomach, we take the washed-out path to the right into the valley, about halfway up there is a small footpath to the Bernauer Kreuz, our next destination. Anyone who has not yet used the barbecue area at Hof Eck can do so here. Numerous paths come together at the Bernauer Kreuz, here the hiking trails also go to Feldberg or Todtnau.

From the Bernauer Kreuz we follow the signs to Gisiboden. On the Gisiboden Alm they are entertained and the great view is even free. After a further strengthening, we continue on the beautiful high path to Todtnau's local mountain, the Hasenhorn. The is located at the mountain station of the toboggan run Hasenhorn mountain inn.

At the Hasenhorn we can now enjoy the view of the Todtnauer Kessel and peer pedes or with the longest toboggan run slide down to Todtnau.