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Location: Badenweiler

Badenweiler with its 4.000 inhabitants is located in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district of Baden-Württemberg, around 30 km south of Freiburg in the Markgräflerland. The place is referred to as a community and as a state-recognized spa. Badenweiler is 425 m above sea level.

Let's go exploring the region

There is for example:

• Roman bath ruins in the village. This ruin of a Roman thermal bath is one of the oldest buildings in Baden-Württemberg. To this day, the ruin is considered to be one of the best-preserved thermal baths north of the Alps.
Blues, this is a 1165 m high panoramic mountain on the western edge of the southern Black Forest. The spa town of Badenweiler is located at its foot to the north. The mountain is forested up to the summit.
• The castle in the village, also called Burg Baden and Burg Badin, is the ruin of a hilltop castle at 455 m above sea level. NN. It is considered the landmark of the place, but is not identical to the Neuenfels castle ruins.
• Then there are the Neuenfels castle ruins and Heitersheim Castle.

E good drip!

What would the border triangle be without a good drop of wine?
In Badenweiler, in particular, hiking is a lot of fun, because you have to cool off from time to time. Here, the Julius Zotz winery in Heitersheim in Baden, with around 95 hectares of vineyards, is perfect.
A wine tasting in the Black Forest can be easily addicting. The subsequent hike looks like a polonaise, swaying from left to right.

Hiking is the miller's delight

A wide variety of hiking opportunities awaits you in and around Badenweiler, on the edge of the southern Black Forest, with and without a guide.
The guided hikes are very interesting and popular, for example:
• At the “Alten-Mann-Felsen” Hochblauen circuit from Badenweiler, 13,5 km long and moderately difficult. Good basic fitness required.
• Hochblauen - Hochblauen Trail 52 loop from Marzell, 9,5 km long, medium difficulty.
• Egertenhütte-Hochblauen loop from Mazell 5,6 km long, medium difficulty.

Arrival by car to Badenweiler

From the north, the fastest route is via the A5 Karlruhe-Basel to exit 65 Mühlheim / Neuenburg. At the end of the motorway exit, turn left towards Neuenburg, Mühlheim, Badenweiler on the B378.

Depending on where you are from, it can be a long drive. If you haven't booked any accommodation in the village in advance, there are good 3-star hotels there.