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Tschamber Cave Rheinfelden (Baden)

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A fascinating journey of discovery into the underworld

The Tschamber Cave, located directly on the idyllic banks of the Rhine in the Karsau-Riedmatt district of Rheinfelden, is a great attraction for cave enthusiasts and nature lovers. As one of the rare active stream caves and one of only three shell limestone caves among the 50 show caves in Germany, it offers an incomparable experience in the midst of a fascinating karst landscape.

Explored cave passages and impressive formations

With a total length of an impressive 1600 meters, around 600 meters of the cave passages have been opened up to visitors. Immerse yourself in the mysterious world beneath the earth and follow the traces of the subterranean water. The path leads through wide and narrow corridors, wide halls and high gorges to striking wall and ceiling shapes that were formed by the natural power of the water. A very special highlight awaits visitors at the end of the cave - a breathtaking waterfall that is up to 5 meters high.

Opening hours and reservation of the Tschamber Cave

The cave is a popular destination for young and old. In order to plan your visit optimally, please note the following information:

  • Opening times: The Tschamber Cave is open at certain times. Please inform yourself in advance about the current opening hours on the official website (https://www.tschamberhoehle.info/de/ ).
  • Reservation: In order to secure your place in the cave, we recommend that you make a reservation in good time. To do this, visit the website and follow the given steps.

Important information for your visit

To ensure that your visit to the Tschamber Cave is an unforgettable experience, please note the following information:

  • Age restriction: Unfortunately, children under the age of 3 are not allowed in the cave.
  • Accessibility: Access to the Tschamber Cave is not barrier-free. Please take this into account when planning.
  • Bringing objects and animals: For safety reasons, baby carriers, prams, wheelchairs, walking aids and animals are not permitted.
  • Wearing a helmet is compulsory in the cave. You can use your own bicycle or leisure helmets. In addition, rental helmets are available.
  • In the cave there is a constant temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius all year round. Sturdy, warm clothing and sturdy shoes are recommended.

Experience the Tschamber Cave - An unforgettable adventure in the underworld

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Tschamber Cave and experience an unforgettable journey into the underworld. Discover the impressive formations and be enchanted by the sound of the water. The Tschamber Cave - a natural wonder that you should not miss. Reserve your spot today and look forward to an extraordinary adventure.

Image courtesy of WST Rheinfelden (Baden) GmbH

Opening hours

weekdayOpening hours
Sunday10: 00–14: 00 pm
Opening hours source: Google Places