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View of Baden-Baden with its local mountain Merkur

Baden-Baden's local mountain: Mercury

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Location: Baden-Baden
Dogs allowed: ja

The Black Forest has always been a popular holiday destination. Whether you spend a week or just a weekend there - there are many ways to discover the Black Forest. The Merkur, which is also known as the Great Staufenberg, is particularly outstanding. This article shows what makes Mercury so special.

The local mountain Mercury - that makes it special

Its name alone makes Mercury look special. It is named after a god from ancient Rome, the one Roman votive stone which was found on the summit. This so-called Mercury stone has been publicly known since the 16th century. Nowadays you can admire a cast of the stone on the summit, because the original is in the city history collections.

Climbing Mercury: on foot or by train?

You can easily and comfortably take the Merkur mountain railway to Baden-Baden's local mountain. This has been used extensively since it opened in 1913: hikers, day trippers and nature lovers who do not want to take on the exertion of hiking can comfortably drive to the summit.

An elevator, which is located in the Merkur Tower, leads to a viewing platform at a height of 23 meters, from which one gets an exquisite view of Baden-Baden, the Murgtal, the Black Forest, the Rhine plain and the Vosges. So it's worth making it to the top of Mercury.

For hiking enthusiasts there is of course the option of climbing the summit of Baden-Baden's local mountain on foot. The slopes are long but moderate. Every now and then it even goes downhill. Nonetheless, the tour on Mercury is classified as difficult and is only suitable for those who already have experience in hiking.

After about one and a half hours of hiking, you will have reached your destination and will be rewarded with the wonderful view.

Mercury: Is the experience worth it?

Anyone who has ever hiked Merkur in Baden-Baden raves about one thing above all: the beautiful landscape and nature. Indeed, the Black Forest and the area around the Black Forest have a lot to offer. If you want to leave the stressful everyday life of city life behind, a tour on the Merkur is the best choice.

Incidentally, the already mentioned Merkur Tower is one of the special features on the local mountain that is well worth seeing. It is the highest point on the mountain and was built there in 1837. Since the 1950s it has had an additional function as a radio broadcaster, but its main function is and will remain that Opportunity to view.

Those who have made it to the top can also relax in a restaurant to regain their strength. There is also a lawn for relaxing, a barbecue area and a playground, which even has a giant slide.

Anyone who likes flying with paragliders can hardly pass Baden-Baden's local mountain, as there are two launch sites for paragliders on the summit. One is located in a westerly direction directly at the mountain station of the railway, the other in a north-easterly direction. A meadow under the valley station of the mountain railway is planned as a landing area. You can also land on a meadow above the Gernsbach-Staufenberg.

Geology on Mercury

Mercury is the northern neighbor of the small Staufenberg, which both consist of several layers of sedimentary rocks. You can find a lot of deposits from the Rotliegend - conspicuously red rocks - as well as volcanic rocks. Various types of red sandstone are also found in Mercury. So there is a lot to discover.

That is why a geological nature trail opened in 2012. It is called "Mercury's Cube" and presents those interested in geology with the various types of rock that Baden-Baden's local mountain has to offer.

View of Baden-Baden from the local mountain Merkur
View of Baden-Baden from the local mountain Merkur

Other leisure activities in Baden-Baden

Anyone who spends a long time in Baden-Baden and would like to do something other than discovering nature has a wide range of options. In Baden-Baden, for example, there is a casino where the popular casino classics such as roulette, blackjack and poker can be played. But slot machine games are also numerous, so everyone gets their money's worth.

By the way: even online casinos like that 20 bet casino have their charm. You don't have to leave the hotel room for this and can still enjoy casino games. Attractive profits can be made online regardless of time and location.

In addition, there is a wide range of culinary offers in Baden-Baden, so that after a long hike you can indulge in a restaurant in the evening. Top kitchens, excellent wines and great hotels await tourists planning their vacation in Baden-Baden.

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