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Eight new trekking camps in the Black Forest

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More and more guests in the Black Forest region are enthusiastic about trekking. The operators of the camps already had 1.300 visitors last year. But it shouldn't stop there. Eight other camps complement the offer and will be waiting for their guests from May. According to the Black Forest Central/North Nature Park, the new camps will be built on its and in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park.

The appeal of trekking lies in the absence of luxury. The adventure in nature has already attracted numerous visitors to the Black Forest in the past. Now there should be even more. The new camps of Trekking Schwarzwald should give their guests a feeling of freedom, exciting experiences and unique experiences surrounded by nature convey. The fact that visitors appreciate this has already been shown in the past. Those responsible for the nature parks in the Black Forest repeatedly emphasized how carefully the guests take care to protect their environment.

Most of the time, they leave the camps just as clean as they found them. This proves that the idea of ​​environmental protection has long been found its way into many people in Germany has. That was not always a matter of course. However, initiatives such as Earth Day, which is celebrated annually, help to anchor environmental protection in people's awareness. than 50 years ago 20 million Americans took to the streets went to protest against environmental reform, no one could have guessed that this would become a global movement. Today, Earth Day is also celebrated in Germany every year and is used to draw attention to important environmental issues. Pollution of nature is certainly one of them. But this is apparently not an issue in the camps.

Two new warehouses in the previous year, eight more in 2022

Camping in the middle of the Black Forest proved to be a complete success last year. Encouraged by the positive feedback from guests, the operators are now expanding their offerings. Despite the delayed opening in 2021, the nature parks were happy to see a large number of visitors. Two more camps were added last year, set up in the middle/north Black Forest nature park. One of them is near Forbach in the district Rastatt near the famous Schwarzenbach dam. Its idyllic location also makes it a popular excursion destination, as the Black Forest mountains provide an unforgettable panorama. The other camp is near Loßburg in the Freudenstadt district.

Eight more camps will follow this year. Two of them are being built in the middle/north Black Forest, six will be located in the southern Black Forest. If construction goes according to plan, the operators would like to start the new season on May 1, 2022. The new offer is obviously very popular, because the operators reported several hundred bookings from interested guests immediately after the booking option was activated.

Great interest from numerous countries

Most of these come directly from the Black Forest region. But the interest radiates far beyond the region. Holidaymakers from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium also want to spend the best time of the year in the trekking camps in the Black Forest and have already booked.

Accessible only on foot

No wonder, after all, the Black Forest region with its trekking camps relies on a professional concept that makes nature the focus of the experience. Trekking in the Black Forest allows hikers to spend the night in the forest. However, you can only reach their storage areas on foot. There are three places waiting for you. One is for pitching tents, one for the fire pit and a third for the outhouse. Even particularly bad weather is taken care of, because most holidaymakers will find a shelter in the immediate vicinity. The locations of the trekking camps were arranged in such a way that the next one can be reached within a day's walk. This makes it easier to plan multi-day trekking tours and gives guests the opportunity to extend their stay as they wish. The price per tent and night is twelve euros. However, the tent sites can be booked for a maximum of one night.

Hiker in the Black Forest
Hiker in the Black Forest

Since 2017, visitors have had the opportunity to explore the Black Forest region in this way. At that time, the two nature parks founded the Trekking Black Forest project together with the Black Forest National Park and the State Forestry Administration. The aim is to build a network of trekking camps along central hiking trails. With the construction of eight additional camps, we have come a big step closer to this goal.

Images courtesy of Photo by Couleur on Pixabay and Photo by dreamypixel on Pixabay