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The vacation budget - this is how planning works

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If you want to go on vacation in the coming months, you will have to make some compromises. At the moment, vacation travel is virtually impossible. But holidaymakers could have the chance to travel again, at least domestically, as early as spring. However, you won't be able to plan this very far in advance. It's important to be spontaneous and make the best of the situation. Since the measures can change quickly, long-term advance booking will not be worthwhile. So that you can spontaneously plan a nice vacation, it makes sense to think about your vacation budget now. How to plan your vacation budget correctly and be sufficient even in times of crisis Money for a vacation we show in this article.

There are many advantages to planning ahead

If you take care of your vacation budget early on, this offers you many advantages. For example, you can save a certain amount month after month, which you deposit in a separate vacation account. Simply use a sub-account with your bank or open an account with another bank. Stay consistent and always transfer the savings rate directly after receipt of your salary. The money is gone straight away and you are not even tempted to spend it on other things.
And if it does get tight, then you can take out a short-term loan with negative interest rates . This not only gives you more flexibility in the short term, but also saves you money. Because with a loan with negative interest you pay back less money than you originally received from the bank. In this way, you can top up your holiday budget even if you don't actually need a loan.

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How high should the vacation budget actually be?

In a normal year, it is relatively easy to calculate how much money you should save on vacation. You simply look for the trip you want and book it with a corresponding payment term. Then you can think about how much money you have to plan for your vacation. But this year it will be much more difficult. It is not yet clear which trips can take place at all. Self Destinations in Germany it is currently not possible to book reliably, which is why no prices are known yet. For this reason, it is better to put a little more money aside for the holiday so that you can actually book the desired trip spontaneously.

To calculate the costs during your stay, you can use a travel cost calculator, for example, or ask holidaymakers who have already traveled to the destination in question. So you also have an overview of the costs that still occur during the holiday. Of course you can influence this a little bit through your own behavior. Nevertheless, it makes a difference whether you travel to the Mediterranean or to a US metropolis.

If you also find out about this aspect and include the results in your budget planning, then you have already done a large part of the budget planning and can look forward to your vacation without hesitation.

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