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The region in southwest Germany is an ideal place for hikes, bike tours, but also for culture in the warm season. In winter, skiers get their money's worth. Hikers will find well-marked paths with a length of almost 8.300 kilometers here. Many of these trails offer wonderful views and something educational for the whole family. The vacationers can also immerse themselves in history.

On the trail of the nose in Dead moss young and old go in search of the inhabitants of the forest. Go to the hike there the tourist information office will issue a booklet. It contains puzzles that can be solved during the hike. There are also stations, such as a climbing course. "On the side" the family gets to know some of the forest residents.

Relaxation after experiencing nature

The Roman path shows in Hüpfingenthat people already knew the invigorating effect of water in ancient times. The ruins of a bathing facility near a fort of the Roman legionaries still bear witness to this today. History can be retraced here up close. A visit to the thermal baths was a must after a hard day. This ritual was adopted by the people from the region, so that the baths remained in operation for a long time after the legionary troops had withdrawn.

We still use the beneficial effects of water today. The moist element is an important part of wellness stays. It is beneficial to swim in water at a pleasant temperature after a day in nature or simply to let the water caress your body. There are some hotels and thermal baths in the Black Forest that offer indoor and outdoor pools. Some open-air facilities are heated and thus offer the opportunity to relax in front of a grandiose landscape, even in the cold season.

Clean pools also for private properties

House and property owners are also increasingly relying on relaxation in the pool. Not to be neglected is the cleanliness, which is very time-consuming when cleaning by hand even in small pools. Here it is worthwhile to have one To buy pool robots. The devices have good filter systems that protect the pool's filter system. In addition, its use helps to reduce the addition of disinfecting chemicals to a minimum.

Pool robots work efficiently and are economical in their power consumption. They drive over the floor and walls fully automatically and clean the surfaces. They work either electrically or hydraulically. The latter variant is particularly suitable for smaller pools in the garden. For larger systems, an electric pool robot, which is also available with a battery, is better. The devices can handle all materials, be it foils, stainless steel or various building materials. High-quality robots drive up the walls to the waterline and vacuum there too Leaves off the waterline. In addition, they remove the unsightly dirt border that usually forms at this point.

Relax in the clean pool after a nice day in nature

While the family is discovering the sights in the area, the robot will keep the pool clean. So after a hike, there is no longer any obstacle to relaxation in the well-tempered water.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal
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