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The Black Forest - Unrivaled in Baden-Württemberg?

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The Black Forest is known as a holiday region far beyond southern Germany. In addition, the state of Baden-Württemberg seems to have few other highlights to offer at first glance. So are there other attractions that can hold a candle to the naturally beautiful recreation area? We take a look at the current offers.

Relaxing nature area

There is no doubt that the Black Forest succeeds in moving itself into focus as a relaxing natural area. If you want to hike or cycle in idyllic surroundings, there are numerous opportunities on site. The particularly relaxed atmosphere has led to a large number of wellness palaces in recent years, as promised the famous escape from the stress of everyday life. Of course, this is also possible when looking from one of the high peaks.

How successful the Black Forest has been in terms of tourism for many years can also be seen in the quantity of accommodations. If you want to be out and about in an environment that beautiful and natural is, will find numerous accommodation options. From the traditional Black Forest hut to luxury campsites and comfort hotels, everything is on offer there. A look at an independent evaluation and the relationship between price and performance is definitely worthwhile.

The Swabian Alb is catching up

Waterfall in Bad Urach

Years ago, those responsible for the tourism sector in the Swabian Alb set themselves the goal of creating a new mainstay. For this reason, no effort has been spared to draw attention to the special features of the Alb beyond the borders of the state. These include historical cities such as Bad Urach, Reutlingen or Tübingen, which have made a name for themselves on the Alb and in the surrounding area. To this day, there is still the chance to direct one's gaze to a medieval townscape, which has largely been preserved.

The Albtrauf, in turn, has a great attraction for climbers. They have the opportunity to climb steep walls on the famous rocks climb and finally to enjoy the view from the low mountain range. For nature conservation reasons, the range of suitable spots is somewhat limited, at least in spring.

The district of Reutlingen in particular has recently increased the number of overnight stays. For more than ten years there has been an opportunity here to stroll through a disused military training area, which was completely left to nature in 2003. In addition, there are small and idyllic ski lifts, such as those in Donnstetten and Zainingen, which offer an appealing winter experience for a few weeks.

Metropolises attract visitors

Of course, it is not just nature that deserves a place in the context of Baden-Württemberg tourism. On the other hand, there are cities up to the metropolis, which attract tourists again and again. Due to its size and popularity, the state capital Stuttgart should be mentioned first. While the beauty of the cityscape can certainly be discussed, a closer look reveals a few beauties. These include the old and new castle, which have been preserved as political landmarks to this day. The wonderful view over the valley basin, as it can be reached from the television tower, is one of the highlights that can be discovered around the city of Stuttgart.

On the other hand, there are quieter places that are far from being overrun by crowds. But here is the chance to get a very authentic insight into the region. This is possible in the contemplative Freiburg, which is located in close proximity to the Black Forest. A trip there is easy to do with a car. The city itself is not only defined by the important role that it once played as a large bishopric in the southwest. In addition, you can try Baden specialties, which enjoy a special position there. Pleasant walks are possible on the Schlossberg, which is immediately the most important vantage point in the city center.

For years, other cities have found it much more difficult to achieve such a status, as Freiburg and Stuttgart have already achieved. For example, the tourist efforts in Karlsruhe or Mannheim can be heard. But the bottom line seems to be lacking in the decisive arguments with which it would be possible to put your own goals into practice and to lure even more people into the surrounding area.

Frontrunner Lake Constance

Out and about on Lake Constance

That the Schwarzwald Still not far from the competition, a look at Lake Constance shows. For decades, the price development that can be observed in the districts has been pointing to the great success. Cities like Überlingen or Friedrichshafen offer the chance to experience an almost maritime flair in summer, which is complemented by many excursion options. The classic way of talking here is, of course, shipping on the lake, where it is not only possible to cross over to Bavaria. In addition, there is the opportunity to visit the Swiss or Austrian side of the lake once and thus advance into three different countries.

In addition, Lake Constance is ideal for various activities in nature. This not only includes the opportunity to take a boat out on the lake yourself. It is also possible to go on extensive hikes in the region, which reward you with a fascinating view of the landscape. In addition, various bike tours have been signposted in recent years, which are aimed at active vacationers, amateurs and professionals alike. Last but not least, the flat walk around the lake is a first-class tourist experience.