Tracer path in Todtmoos



Location: Dead moss
Track length: 4.2 km
Ascent: 140 m
Descent: 140 m
Suitable for prams: no
Starting point: Parking lot for the Todtmoos-Strick ski lift

We're talking about a great one here Children's trail for young and old. The perfect place as a family to feel the pulse of nature again. All the fun lasts about 2 hours, in which both children and adults can learn a lot. The path stretches for a total of 4,2 kilometers and offers a lot of variety.

The tracker path

At the start of the path by the parking lot at the former ski lift in Dead moss-Trick, the families receive a booklet. This is needed to solve puzzles and to write down clues - don't forget your pen! During the search, the children overcome various stations, such as a climbing course, or they get to know different forest dwellers. The path primarily asks 2 questions What is missing? and who stole it? What has disappeared seems to be incredibly important for Todtmoos. If the answer in the booklet has been solved correctly, there will be a great surprise at the tourist information office.

The adults should be particularly fascinated by the viewpoints.

The Rudolf-Jordan-Hütte is particularly suitable for resting and enjoying the beautiful view!

As on most hiking routes, the main season here is from May to October. Since the path leads upwards on narrow paths at the beginning, it is not suitable for pushchairs. The path is best suited for children who can already read and write. You can also learn a lot about the forest dwellers Auerhahn, Fox, eagle owl and co.

Lending options

Families can, for example, borrow a child's backpack or a backpack with various research utensils from the Todtmoos Tourist Info. Both could be very helpful when tackling the sniffing nose path in Todtmoos.

Directions to the children's hiking trail

The Spürnasenpfad in Todtmoos can be easily reached by public transport as well as by private transport. It is a 10-minute walk from the Todtmoos-Strick bus station to the path. There are 3 parking spaces for private vehicles, all of which also provide access to the path. One is at the main entrance to the Todtmoos-Strick ski lift. Another at Sonnenstrasse 22 in Todtmoos-Mättle. The third entry is on Paranomaweg at the elevated reservoir, parking is available in the mine car park on Forsthausstrasse, about 5 minutes' walk from entry 3.

Todtmoos has more

Such an excursion can of course also be perfectly combined with looking at other sights in Todtmoos, in addition to the Spürnasenweg in Todtmoos. For example the Todtmoos waterfalls, the Aquatreff outdoor pool, the barbecue area near Gersbach or the water treading basin in the New Kurpark. The place has about 2000 inhabitants is divided into 13 parts and offers some restaurants in the center.

So what are you waiting for, pack your family and head to the Black Forest. Be sure to visit the Tracker Path in Todtmoos and other attractions.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal


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