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Excursion to the Black Forest - which utensils do you need?

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The Black Forest is one of the most popular destinations in Germany. That is why this region is often visited again and again. Both a short day trip and a vacation can be enjoyed there. An enormous advantage is that this region offers its very special charms in every season. It is therefore very important to take the right equipment with you to the Black Forest for every time. What is important and what you should pay attention to is described in more detail below.

Pack the appropriate clothing

The Black Forest invites you to take long walks in nature. It is therefore particularly important to have sturdy shoes with you. In winter it can get very cold in the region. Therefore, thick socks and warm jackets should not be forgotten under any circumstances. In summer there is also the opportunity to swim in one of the numerous lakes and rivers.

In addition to the appropriate clothing, you should definitely not forget the tick spray. In the Black Forest region there are numerous ticks, especially from spring to autumn, that like to suck the blood of visitors. However, it is important to protect yourself adequately against it.

The camera must be packed up

Anyone who believes that the Black Forest consists exclusively of one forest area is very wrong. There are many interesting sights that should definitely be visited. This includes:

  • The beautiful Mainau Island
  • The imposing Kaiserstuhl
  • The source of the Danube in Donaueschingen
  • Different waterfalls
  • The panoramic mountain Ballon

This is only a very small selection of the countless sights in this impressive region. The views and the beautiful moments that are experienced there should definitely be captured in photos. Then you can look at them again and again afterwards and the memories will be retained for a long time. If you are taking pictures with a conventional camera, stand Digitize providers for negatives ready. Through digitization, the souvenir photos of the beautiful time in the Black Forest are preserved for eternity.

Important utensils for the Black Forest vacation

Everyone who spends their vacation in the Black Forest wants to enjoy the unique nature first and foremost. Therefore, there are some important utensils that you should definitely take with you. In addition to suitable outdoor clothing, there are especially these things:

  • binoculars
  • Smartphone
  • Umbrella
  • Bottle
  • Snacks

On an extensive hike in such a beautiful area, powerful binoculars should definitely not be missing. Not only animals can be observed in the wild with it. Sometimes there are also imposing plants that can only be seen from a great distance.

A smartphone is so important because it shows the way home in an emergency. The nature in the Black Forest is so impressive that visitors quickly lose their way and get lost in the terrain. Then it is advantageous to have a smartphone with an installed route planner.

Walking and the fresh air usually cause a great appetite. It is therefore advantageous to have small snacks and something to drink in your hand luggage. Instead of a bag, however, a backpack is much more suitable. This is nowhere near as heavy as a bag.

Prepare the trip to the Black Forest well

Both a short trip and a longer trip to the Black Forest region should be planned as precisely as possible and prepared accordingly. Since this is a very large area with many sights and attractions, a selection should be made before traveling. Anyone interested can find a lot of information about this popular holiday area on the Internet. If the trip is planned with the whole family, it should be agreed beforehand which places should definitely be on the list.

Only after the exact destinations are known can you begin packing the bags. Regardless of the season and the current weather conditions, there should always be some particularly important items in your luggage. This includes wound cream and plasters. It would be extremely uncomfortable if a day trip had to be canceled just because someone was slightly injured. In such cases, you should definitely take some emergency equipment with you.

If the trip to the Black Forest is carefully planned, then nothing stands in the way of good relaxation.

Images courtesy of Photo by hpgruesen on Pixabay, Photo by RitaE on Pixabay and Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal