Black Forest landscape
Black Forest landscape

Tips for a successful short break for two


A little break from everyday life and its burdens is good for every love. What is more suitable than a weekend trip or a Short break from a couple of days? There are many offers for this, and many of them are precisely tailored to the needs of young and less young couples, points out Of course, you can also simply travel at random. But the ambience is of crucial importance for the success of a romantic weekend.

Nice destinations in Germany

A short vacation is a long one Getting there rather counterproductive. Not only does it shorten the time, it can also spoil the mood. A short trip from Munich to Rügen is therefore hardly recommended, even if the chalk cliffs are a unique experience in every season. If you follow this rule, you will find worthwhile travel destinations from north to south. Hiking days in the Harz Mountains, sailing on Lake Constance or a cozy weekend in the Black Forest are just a few of them. Hotels in old castles or manor houses are particularly suitable; their nostalgic charm ensures that you can slow down and relax as soon as you check in. A weekend in a metropolis Experiencing and getting to know something new together brings momentum to an old relationship and confirms to those newly in love that they have won the game together. The right setting for great emotions can therefore also be a European metropolis. Even if Venice is still traded as the city of lovers, it is not necessarily the first choice. London, Barcelona, ​​Paris and of course Berlin are more exciting and exciting. A tip: set a program in advance. This gives the days a structure that also leaves room for quiet hours.

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