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Get on your bike!

Get on your bike!

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The most beautiful bike tours in South Baden
Item Description:

If you want, you can pedal up to the summit; if you like it more comfortably, you can take that E bike. And if you're not sporty or don't have an e-bike (yet), you'll also find many stages in this collection - also for the whole family. Whether touring bike, mountain bike, racing bike or e-bike, every type of bike gets its money's worth. A total of 45 tours lead to the heights of the Black Forest and through its valleys Freiburg, on the passes from the Kaiserstuhl, along the Upper Rhine to the Bodensee, , through the Schuttertal, into the Vosges or to the castles on the upper Neckar. Pedaling is rewarded with panoramic views, sights, idyllic landscapes and always with a pinch of wind around your nose.

There is an overview of all important information for each stage:

- Overview map & tour description

- Elevation meters & degree of difficulty

- Duration & route length

- Sights & refreshments

- QR codes lead to the tour planner of Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH