Climbing in the Black Forest
Climbing in the Black Forest

Holidays in the Black Forest - these outdoor activities are particularly popular


Active vacationers and outdoor fans appreciate the Black Forest as an adventure landscape. In the Black Forest region there are numerous opportunities for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Hiking, climbing, mountain biking

Doctors recommend physical activity and sufficient exercise. In the warm season, these are mainly outdoor activities. According to statistics, many Germans prefer endurance sports such as hiking, cycling and swimming. An infographic created by an opinion research institute shows that the majority of Germans are active as often as possible. Holiday regions such as the Black Forest are therefore often chosen based on their requirements for sports and leisure activities. When hiking in the mountains, it is essential to wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes. In order to refresh yourself with a hot drink on the way, it is advisable to take thermal mugs with you. Reusable cups are environmentally friendly and are also used by many companies as advertising media. Outdoor business gifts from serve to increase awareness of the company and at the same time create added value. Advertising material for leisure and outdoor use can be used over a longer period of time and is therefore of great practical benefit. The northern Black Forest is a region with the largest cardicht in Central Europe. Day hikes lead to a total of 91 kilometers to some of the most beautiful lakes on the Baiersbronner Seensteig. At the Wild Lake in the Bannwald you come across birds, insects and mushrooms that are already rare elsewhere. The three-toed woodpecker, which was already considered extinct in the Black Forest, is being reintroduced in the northern Black Forest. The biodiversity in this region is around a third higher than in managed forests. The network of hiking trails in the Black Forest covers 160 kilometers Walking different levels of difficulty. The distant views from the high peaks offer unique perspectives and extend as far as the Alps and the Baden vineyards.

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Healing climate hiking for fitness and the immune system

The numerous themed trails are particularly interesting for hikers. Healing climate hiking is a special form of hiking aimed at health-conscious people. Some places in the Black Forest have an above-average air quality. The therapeutically applicable bio-climate therefore enables climatic hikes through nature. The fresh and clean air is also ideal for people with respiratory diseases. Healing climate hiking can strengthen the immune system and improve the condition. Healthy, climatic air promotes regeneration of the body. There are a total of 15 climatic health resorts in the black Forest. There special healing hiking tours in the surrounding area are offered in different lengths and degrees of difficulty. When hiking in the Black Forest, many sculptures made by well-known artists can be discovered on so-called art trails. In places where art is normally not expected, such as on the Zeller Kunstweg in Zell am Harmersbach, works by international artists can also be seen. The sculpture path in Freudenstadt leads over a distance of five kilometers through the Freudenstadt city center to the Kienberg. From the lookout point at the summit, hikers can expect a panoramic view of the northern Black Forest. More than 50 sculptures and numerous designed fountains can be discovered on the circular route. Sculptures and other objects made of red sandstone and white Carrara marble are located in the Durbach Sculpture Park on the western edge of the Black Forest. Around the Mummelsee There is an art path on which 15 works by well-known artists made of stone, wood, Plexiglas and steel can be seen.

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