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Protect from insects on vacation

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If you want to go on holiday within Germany in summer, spring or autumn, you should protect yourself against insects. In this country, the stinging insects are spreading more and more - partly because of the climatic changes. For this reason, it is important that some rules of conduct are observed and that resources are used.

There is an increased incidence of mosquitoes not only in the Black Forest

People have always enjoyed going on vacation, especially in the Black Forest region. The pleasant one Climate and untouched nature make the Black Forest a perfect travel destination for nature enthusiasts, hikers and families.

The region is also considered to be particularly safe: unlike when traveling far away, holidaymakers do not expect any wild animals or other dangers here. But the high number of mosquitos makes one or two strolls through the cool forest a real torture.

The mosquitoes hibernate in attics or in the basement, among other places, to hunt human blood again in spring. Due to the mild winters, it has been particularly easy for the insects to survive the cold season unscathed in recent years.

The annoying animals do not occur explosively in the Black Forest or elsewhere, but they can also become a problem in a less concentrated form.

Dangerous mosquito species also native to Germany

Anyone who thinks that only particularly hot countries are threatened by dangerous insect species is mistaken. Exotic mosquitoes have reached us in Germany and multiply here in stale, still waters. They are dangerous because they can transmit fatal diseases.

Various types of fever that originally originated in completely different regions of the world are particularly common. These include, for example, Zika fever, Nile fever and dengue fever. All of these diseases can be transmitted to humans with a bite.

If you want to protect yourself from the dangerous diseases that are transmitted by the Japanese bush mosquito and other exotic mosquitoes, you have to resort to an appropriate mosquito repellent.

Rules of conduct on vacation

If travelers adhere to certain rules, they run the far less risk of being harassed by a native or an exotic mosquito.

Staying near water should be avoided if possible. If you take a trip to a small pond or in the direction of the stream, you should only stay here briefly. If the hike through the Black Forest is to be crowned with a picnic, the bench right on the water is certainly tempting. Holidaymakers could regret this decision at the latest when the gnats swarm around them in droves.

Long clothes can also offer protection against the little beasts. Of course, especially on summer holidays, it is tempting to go into the forest or the meadow in only shorts and a T-shirt. In this case, however, it is better if vacationers cover most of the skin.

If only areas like the neck, face and hands need to be protected from the mosquitoes, people have a better overview. The mosquito is discovered here early and, in the best case, is killed. If, on the other hand, a large area of ​​the body is exposed, the mosquito has a free path.

If you go camping, you should definitely take a mosquito net with you. With this, the sleeping area can be effectively protected. If the mosquitoes do not even get into the tent, they cannot bite. In addition, it must be ensured that the tent has no holes. The insects are quite good at finding loopholes and thus avoiding the hurdle of the mosquito net.

If the caravan or caravan is used for camping, the windows should also be protected by nets. Special fly screens can be easily attached and quickly removed. If the bars are used, vacationers can sleep with the windows open at night without being stung.

Treat insect stings and bites

Not only mosquitoes, also ants, grass mites and other animals plague people with stings and bites. The right and quick treatment of the sting in such a case is the key to avoid being tormented by red wheals and severe itching. Depending on the type of sting or bite, for example heat can help break down the proteins that cause itching. A hot spoon pressed on the spot works wonders here.

Please be careful with allergies and stings in the throat and pharynx: under certain circumstances there is a danger to life. On the one hand by an anaphylactic shock, on the other hand by a swelling of the trachea. You should dial 112 directly if there are any signs of serious problems. If in doubt, it is better to call an emergency doctor once too much than once too little.


Modern mosquito repellants against stinging insects

A protective product should be obtained from the pharmacy or drugstore in good time before the trip. It is particularly practical if the product is bought some time before the trip. The reason for this approach is simple: the product should be tried at least once in your home country.

It is also a good idea to test the agent several times. This is the only way for users to find out whether the product actually repels the mosquitoes. Once the product has worked, you can safely take it with you on vacation.

It doesn't matter whether consumers choose a spray, a lotion or a gel - the product must not be dosed too low. The situation here is very similar to that of sunscreen. According to the motto "a lot helps a lot", the mosquito repellent should be applied liberally to all exposed areas. When treating the face, users must be careful. Leave out the eyes generously, otherwise they can be irritated.