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The great Enz flows through Bad Wildbad
The great Enz flows through Bad Wildbad

Black Forest Middle / North Nature Park


The fresh air of nature stimulates sporting activities

The Black Forest Nature Park is located in the Black Forest and is one of the largest in the Federal Republic of Germany. The nature park is very suitable for activities such as mountain biking or Nordic walking, the air in the forests is beneficial and low in pollutants. The Black Forest cultural landscape has become more and more diverse over the years, with 375.000 hectares available for visitors in the large conservation area. Tourism and nature conservation are combined in the nature park in such a way that a harmonious unit is created that is well worth seeing. The 106 cities and municipalities in the region have come together in the nature park association in order to preserve the diversity of the nature reserve. The future of interests in the nature park area is decided at a round table with the members present at the general assembly.


Protect the cultural landscape and the natural landscape


Hiking trails in the nature park

Forests, pastures and meadows alternate in the nature park and make the region an unmistakable trademark with typical scenic and cultural peculiarities. Tourist influences are controlled in such a way that the natural resources are preserved through nature-friendly tourism. The natural and cultural landscape in the region is so diverse that more and more recreational athletes want to relax in the nature park. The nature park is being upgraded in terms of tourism with new tourism projects that are perfectly coordinated with the Black Forest nature park. There are seven nature parks in Baden-Württemberg, for which a third of the entire area has been reserved. Nature-friendly relaxation has many facets that have been actively implemented in the nature park.


Facts about the Black Forest Central / North Nature Park

In December 2000 the Central / North Nature Park was officially opened, the National park followed in 2014 with the opening. As a park in the middle / north nature park, the national park consists of 10000 hectares of natural area, both parks basically work together. Different thematic focuses make the offer of the two parks in the Black Forest so attractive for the locals and the tourists. Mountain bike routes and cycle paths are signposted so that everyone can find their way. Environmental education offers for adults and school children open the door to more protection of nature. In the northern part of the Black Forest, nature trails invite you to go on a natural journey of discovery. Six chargeable trekking camps with up to three tents allow you to spend the night in tents under the open sky from May to October in the middle of nature.


The active experience in protected nature

Nature conservation and active enjoyment can be combined without harming nature. At the nature park brunch, the active can share their experiences in a cozy atmosphere. On some Sundays, the nature park markets invite you to enjoy the region, while culinary wine hikes take place in May. Black Forest guides can accompany the adventure tour through the parks with over 250 guided hikes. Species protection is very important in the nature parks, and the regional networks are maintained and expanded in favor of species protection. By maintaining biological diversity and offering more professional education in the field of nature conservation, climate change and species decline can be actively countered. If everyone undertakes to do even more for nature, efforts to preserve rural areas will be additionally supported.


Promotion of the nature park is well received


Information boards funded by the Black Forest Middle / North Nature Park.

The promotion of the nature parks is active environmental protection, locals are sensitized to prefer the local food from the region. In the middle / north nature park in the Black Forest, the originality of nature can be enjoyed to the full. Adventure in nature becomes an exciting event when one works with nature and not against it. Between Freudenstadt, Baden-Baden and Baiersbronn are the trekking camps that can only be reached by pedestrians. Everyone brings their own food for the event, the rubbish is disposed of by each participant after the stay. In this way, costs for rubbish disposal are saved, which later flow into the care of nature.


The wilderness as a welcome retreat

All those who want to leave the jungle of the big city behind, choose the wilderness to relax. Nature enthusiasts will find the diversity of the northern and central Black Forest in the nature park. In the Rahnem of the multi-stage tour, up to 250 kilometers are covered in the wilderness, breaks can be used for a picnic in the grounds with culinary regional highlights to strengthen yourself for the onward journey. According to the current guidelines of the ADFC, the signs are so legible that nobody gets lost in the extensive area. Multi-day tours make the adventure in the wilderness an experience that nobody forgets easily.


The landscape of the nature parks is a change for horse lovers

Trail riding stations are the basis for a short or longer riding tour, riders and horses always get the opportunity to plan one or more overnight stays. 4-star wellness hotel are offered as well as the lush hay store, the trail ride can be planned individually. The northern Black Forest is a tip for horse riders for those who want to relax from the gray everyday life in the natural paradise. In search of nature adventures, the region is a destination that people always like to visit.

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