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Former Black Forest clinic in Glottertal

Portrait of the actors in the Black Forest Clinic

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The Black Forest Clinic, one of the most successful German television series in the 1980s, made a large number of actors famous and also allowed established actors to shine in their roles. The television series was not only about the activities in the clinic but also about the private life of the Brinkmann family. Prominent was the role of chief physician Professor Klaus Brinkmann, originally offered to Armin Mueller-Stahl, but ultimately played by Klausjürgen Wussow. Sascha Hehn, who also starred in the series “Das Traumschiff”, played the film’s son Udo Brinkmann.

Other important actors were Gaby Dohm as Christa Mehnert, Christian Kohlund as doctor and later professor Alexander Vollmers and Eva Maria Bauer as head nurse Hildegard Zeisig. The series was initially directed by Alfred Vohrer and later by Hans-Jürgen Tögel. The script came from Herbert Lichtenfeld.

The doctors at the Black Forest Clinic also shaped the series. This is how you remember Dr. Horst Römer, Dr. Gerhard Schäfer or Dr. Werner Schübel. 20 years after the Black Forest Clinic was first broadcast, an anniversary television film was made with many former actors. In addition, the series always offered space for well-known guest stars, who often played patients at the clinic. Welcome to our overview page of the actors at the Black Forest Clinic.

Main protagonist of the Black Forest Clinic

Klausjürgen Wussow (Professor Klaus Brinkmann)

The renowned actor Klausjürgen Wussow is known to many as Professor Klaus Brinkmann, the main character of the popular television series “The Black Forest Clinic”. But who was the man behind this unforgettable role?

Born in Cammin in Western Pomerania, Klausjürgen Wussow was the second of four sons. His father, a cantor and teacher, died in World War II and his mother fled west with Wussow and his brothers. Wussow initially stayed behind as a reporter and was later drafted into the Wehrmacht and wounded. After the war he attended secondary school and appeared on the stage of the Städtebundtheater as a student.

Although Wussow originally wanted to study medicine and become a surgeon, this was denied to him because he refused to join the Free German Youth. Instead, he found his way into the world of theater and later became a well-known and popular actor.

Wussow became known to a wide audience through his role as Professor Brinkmann in the television series “The Black Forest Clinic”. The series, which ran from 1985 to 1988, was watched by around 28 million viewers per broadcast and ensured Wussow was very popular. Interestingly, his original intention was to become a doctor, which is why he particularly enjoyed the role of Professor Brinkmann.

In addition to his acting career, Wussow was also an author and published several books, including “My Life as Chief Physician Dr. Brinkmann from the Black Forest Clinic” and “Professor Brinkmann and I”. These books provide a deeper insight into his thoughts and experiences as an actor and his relationship to the role that made him famous.

Wussow's contributions to the acting world, both on stage and screen, have made him an unforgettable figure in German culture. Although he has left us, his legacy lives on in his performances and in the hearts of his many fans.

Gaby Dohm (Christa Brinkmann)

Gaby Dohm is a respected German actress who has had much success in her long career on stage as well as in film and television.

Dohm was born into a family of actors, her parents are the well-known actors Heli Finkenzeller and Will Dohm. She originally had the dream of becoming an illustrator of children's books, but the strict admission requirements at the Berlin Academy thwarted her plans. Fortunately, the Berlin acting teacher Else Bongers recognized Dohm's talent and encouraged her.

Dohm had her first appearances at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus. However, she achieved her breakthrough at the Munich Residenztheater, where she was a member from 1966 to the mid-1980s. She received particularly positive reviews for her role in Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy, working with director Ingmar Bergman. In 1982 she won the Munich Audience Award as best actress for her performance in Scenes from a Marriage.

In addition to her work in the theater, Dohm also regularly appeared in film and television productions. She made her camera debut in 1964 under the direction of Thomas Engel as Mathilde in “My Niece Susanne”. In the 1990s she starred six times in the leading role as Nuremberg police psychologist Dr. Silvia Jansen can be seen in the series “Polizeiruf 110”. She also played guest roles in various crime series such as “Der Alte”, “Derrick”, “Ein Fall für Zwei” and “Siska”.

Dohm also appeared in other series formats. She was seen several times in the ZDF series “Das Traumschiff”. In 2011, she stepped in at short notice for the late actress Rosel Zech in the ARD series “For Heaven's Sake” and took on the role of the nun and Mother Superior Louise von Beilheim.

In total, Dohm has appeared in over 50 television productions, demonstrating her impressive versatility and talent. Although she never planned to become an actress, she has made a name for herself in the industry and is now one of the most famous actresses in Germany.

Sascha Hehn (Udo Brinkmann)

Sascha Hehn, known for his role as Udo Brinkmann in the popular television series “The Black Forest Clinic”, is a central figure in the German television landscape. Hehn, the son of actor Albert Hehn, was active in the film business from a young age. He made his film debut when he was just five years old and followed with numerous film and TV roles.

In the 1980s, Hehn became known to a wide television audience through his role as Dr. Udo Brinkmann is known in “The Black Forest Clinic”. In the series he played alongside Klausjürgen Wussow, who played the head doctor and his father. But he also impressed viewers as chief steward Victor in the series “The Dream Ship”.

In 2014, Hehn took on the role of Captain Victor Burger on the dream ship, but resigned in 2018 after expressing dissatisfaction with the further development of the series and declining quality standards. Despite these challenges, Hehn remains active and in 2020 took on the title role of the Oil Prince in the Karl May Festival in Bad Segeberg.

Sascha Hehn has proven his versatility as an actor both on screen and on stage and remains an impressive figure in the German film and television industry.

supporting cast

Andreas Winterhalder (Benjamin Brinkman)

Andreas Winterhalder is known for his role as Benjamin Brinkmann in the ZDF series “The Black Forest Clinic”. He originally came from Breitnau in the High Black Forest and is both the nephew of the ski jumping legend Dieter Thoma and the great-nephew of Georg Thoma.

When he was still a toddler, Winterhalder was chosen for the role of Benjamin Brinkmann, which he played from 1986 to 1989. His mother was always by his side during filming. He later returned to his old role in 1991 for the TV special “The Biggest Celebration of the Year – Christmas with Our Television Families”.

The role of the adult Dr. Benjamin Brinkmann was taken over by Alexander Wussow in the 2005 films “The Next Generation” and “New Times”. 

 Today Andreas Winterhalder works as a geography and chemistry teacher at the Free Waldorf School in Balingen.

Eva Maria Bauer (head nurse Hildegard Zeisig)

Eva Maria Bauer, a renowned German actress, is best known for her role as head nurse Hildegard Zeisig. But her career was far more varied and included numerous other notable roles that demonstrated her acting range.

From 1987 until her death she was an integral part of the series “The Country Doctor”. She impressed not only with her acting skills, but also with her ability to adapt to the development of her role. Over the years she has embodied three different first names in the series: Katharina, Hilde and most recently Charlotte. These subtle changes in her characters demonstrate her extraordinary acting versatility.

Despite her unforgettable performances in “The Country Doctor,” Bauer remains anchored in the memories of many viewers primarily as head nurse Hildegard Zeisig. This role, which she played in the Black Forest Clinic, is a prime example of her outstanding acting presence and her unmistakable talent.

At the beginning of the 16th season of “The Country Doctor” it was explained that Ms. Sellmann, the character played by Bauer, was visiting a sick relative. This marked the end of Bauer's appearances on the series. Despite her departure, she remains alive in the hearts of viewers through her impressive performances.

Who was Klausjürgen Wussow and what significance did the role of Professor Klaus Brinkmann have for him?

Klausjürgen Wussow was a renowned German actor, born in Cammin. The role of Professor Klaus Brinkmann in “The Black Forest Clinic” brought him enormous popularity. He originally wanted to study medicine, which gave a special aspect to his later enjoyment of the role of chief physician. In addition to his acting career, he published books that provide insights into his life as chief physician Dr. Brinkmann gave.

How did Gaby Dohm's career start?

Gaby Dohm, born into a family of actors, began her career at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus and achieved her breakthrough at the Munich Residenztheater.

What role did Gaby Dohm play in the Black Forest Clinic?

In the Black Forest Clinic she played the role of Christa Brinkmann, the wife of Prof. Brinkmann

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