E-bike - discover comfortably
E-bike - discover comfortably

With the e-bike in the Black Forest


As Germany's highest low mountain range, the Black Forest has it all: long slopes and intense climbs characterize the region. Cyclists are compensated with idyllic villages, gorges with streams and rivers and high plateaus with a priceless view of picturesque valleys.

Food, accommodation and e-bike rental in the Black Forest

A tour on a mountain bike across the Black Forest is what many people dream of. For fear of long and strenuous climbs, however, not a few people do without long Bike tours in the Black Forest. If you still want to explore the Black Forest by bike despite your lack of strength and fitness, you can use an e-bike. Thanks to the motorization, climbs are effortless and allow older and untrained people to enjoy the Black Forest as well.

The Black Forest has now adjusted to its cycling tourists. Everywhere holidaymakers can find contact points for renting e-bikes, well-known and well-frequented routes are adequately equipped with rest stops and holidaymakers in the Black Forest can find sufficient accommodation in holiday apartments, hotels and pensions. In addition to numerous overnight accommodations, the Black Forest also offers a well-developed network of charging and changing stations and ensures that the e-bike's battery continues to provide performance even on longer tours. The cycle and path network in the Black Forest is also generously developed and sufficiently signposted to ensure that no holidaymaker leaves his route.

Tours through the Black Forest by e-bike

The routes in the Black Forest are divided into different levels of difficulty. The length also varies depending on the route. Day tours of around 50 to 90 km are possible, which can easily be covered in one day with an e-bike. A route specially developed for e-bikes is, for example, the lake route, which is around 67 km long and leads cyclists through the natural beauty of the Black Forest. The 90 km Kienzingtal cycle path is suitable for ambitious cyclists.

Cyclists who consider longer tours over several days and stages.

The Hell Valley Tour takes place, cyclists have to overcome 60 meters of altitude over 1200 km. An absolute highlight in the Black Forest is the Bike X-ing, a nearly 450 km long route across the Swabian Alb that is popular with mountain bikers.

Smaller tours, which are only 25 km maximum, are the Breitnau and Heiligbrunnen tours.

If you want to get a taste of the competitive atmosphere on your vacation, you can also do this in September Black Forest Bike Marathon Participation in which participation with an e-bike is permitted.

Without a doubt, the Black Forest offers the right route for every cyclist, whether experienced or not.


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