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Riding holidays - a highlight for children in their free time

Riding holidays - a highlight for children in their free time

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Children and teenagers, especially young girls, are absolutely thrilled when it comes to riding holidays during the summer holidays. The riding holidays are not only attractive for young people who are enthusiastic about equestrian sports but also for those who just like horses and want to be with them - leaving out the sport factor. The stay at the riding stables during the riding holidays can ultimately become a lifelong hobby. Young girls in particular develop a real relationship with the horse.

Range of programs, theory and practice

The program at the riding stables is varied and there is something for every age group. Some farms offer extras in terms of food under accommodation. But the focus is on the horse. Before the first ride takes place, a theoretical part must of course not be missing. Feeding, stable and horse care must ultimately be learned. But of course the young girls really enjoy that, because they are together with their favorite animal. In addition to friendship with the horse, friendships with people of the same age can also develop at the equestrian center - so it certainly won't be boring.

What the young girls in the Riding holidays learning is pedagogically relevant. In addition to responsibility, sensitivity is also taught. Smaller and larger experiences of achievement promote self-confidence and of course exercise and sporting activity in the fresh air are very health-promoting. The physical condition is improved, but skills in the psychological and psychosocial areas are also well promoted.

The children can watch with excitement when the farrier makes the hooves and attaches them to the horses. Saddles, bridles and correct sitting must also be taught. Advanced users in particular encounter a particular challenge. The focus is on the child when lunging. The horse is led in a circle on a long leash. Vaulting is also an option for experienced athletes. Little tricks are performed on the horse while riding.

The children’s safety is always ensured

During the entire stay, the riding stable provides trained specialist staff to look after the children. This ensures safety and parents need not have any concerns.

Find the right riding stable

Suitable riding stables with a riding holiday program can be found across Germany, also in the Black Forest and in the neighboring countries of Austria and Switzerland. Away from everyday life, parents can also relax there in the great outdoors and enjoy the days.

Before doing this, it is advisable to take a quick look at the operator's website, because there it is clarified to what extent equipment such as helmets, boots, pants, etc. is made available. It is mandatory to look at the rules of conduct at the farm. Nothing stands in the way of riding fun.