The Mummelsee in the northern Black Forest Image:
The Mummelsee in the northern Black Forest Image:

Great excursion destinations in the northern Black Forest


... from suspension bridges to beautiful lakes

The northern Black Forest has a lot to offer. If you want to go on holiday in your own country, you should deal with the Black Forest in order to be able to enjoy a relaxing time away from everyday stress.

While numerous German attractions are often overcrowded, the northern Black Forest offers above all beautiful places and a lot of relaxation! But also adventurers get their money's worth and can find their thrill in the breathtaking nature.

From suspension bridges to lakes and waterfalls, hardly any other region offers such a spectacle as the Black Forest. We have put together five attractive destinations.

Wildline suspension bridge - over 380 meters long and 60 meters high

The suspension bridge is not for the faint of heart "wildline", Which was opened in 2018 in the northern Black Forest. Even without having stepped onto the bridge, many visitors are amazed. If you are not afraid of heights, you should not miss this event and enjoy the 380 meters.

Because the suspension bridge is attached to two strong steel cables, it arches upwards in the middle, so that the end can only be seen after crossing halfway. A wonderful view is also offered if you have reached the height of 60 meters. The spectacular forest landscape of the Enz Valley can create a wonderful atmosphere with just one glance.

The attraction is open daily from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. The entrance fee of 10 euros per person can be accepted, as you can enjoy a really wonderful view and also bring your adrenaline level to a boil at a breathtaking height.

Mummelsee on the Black Forest High Road

Another pleasure is that Mummelseewho is directly at the Black Forest High Road is located. In addition to a great view and bathing facilities, pedal boats and rowing boats can also be rented. Half an hour costs just 5,50 euros to be able to take a lap on the highest lake in the Black Forest.

The nearby mountain hotel is an excursion destination that primarily entails relaxation. With a terrace that offers a direct view of the lake, visitors can relax and enjoy coffee and cake and unwind.

Allerheiligen waterfalls near Oppenau

For many visitors, the All Saints Waterfalls are the spectacle of their journey through the northern Black Forest. Especially in summer when the temperature is hot, this excursion destination is always a hotspot!

There are two ways to experience the waterfalls live. For comfortable visitors, there is parking at the old monastery ruin, so that you only have to follow the path. Adventurers and hikers have the chance to take the four-kilometer path to be able to reward themselves with a natural spectacle afterwards.

The zipline in the Heubachtal

Speed ​​past trees at up to 60 kilometers per hour? Not a thing of the impossibility! The Hirschgrund Zipline is around 83 meters high and offers an experience over 570 meters that even sports fans will remember for a long time.

Experienced guides carefully instruct the floating visitors so that they arrive safely at their destination. The Gründlebahn is the longest zipline in nature in Germany and offers a lot of adrenaline with a travel time of over a minute.

Experienced guides offer trips to the zipline from Monday to Friday. With an entrance fee of only 35 euros, every visitor can ride over the tree tops of the northern Black Forest.

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