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holidays with your pet

Travel with the dog!

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Vacation is the best time of the year. Then how wonderful is it when the whole family can come along? For some, the family is a little bigger. Others only count one animal family member and do not want to do without them on vacation. There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling with a dog. Finding accommodation in a hotel can be a real challenge. It is much easier to spend your vacation in a holiday home. Good holiday portals such as vacasol.de make the search easier. All important details can be entered here in the search mask.

Vacation in the Black Forest

Vacation homes with dog in the Black Forest are very easy to find. With portals that provide a good overview of all holiday accommodations in the region, there is no longer a need for a long search! All wishes can be entered here in the search mask. These can include the number of travelers, but also the specification of a dog. There are also requests such as a bread roll service from the landlord or a bed linen and towel service. Backpackers in particular are happy when they don't have to bring everything with them from home. The desire for a washing machine or a pool can also be taken into account. Depending on the region, the accommodation doesn't have to be expensive either! The Black Forest in particular offers good value for money at. Simply by the stability of the prices. Since the information about the fee for an accompanying dog is already available when booking, the prices can be easily calculated. It should be noted that a final cleaning almost always costs something. But this information can also be read before booking. Those who like to travel with friends and family can also find a suitably large holiday home.

Mountain bike and hiking tours

It is worth traveling to the Black Forest by car. Especially when a dog is taken along as a loyal companion. Sufficient breaks should be taken on the journey so that the animal family member can relieve themselves. If you are not taking your dog on vacation for the first time, but have accustomed them to driving in advance, you are doing yourself a favor. Dog food and a muzzle like a basket can be brought from home for the dog. A line should definitely not be missing. Those who travel by car can too take your bike or mountain bike with you. The Black Forest in particular offers many great tours that can be explored by bike. The camera or a good mobile phone camera are also part of the luggage. Nothing is worse than enjoying the beauty of the landscape on site and regretting not being able to take holiday pictures. However, since it can happen in the forest that a dog gets injured playing wildly, the region's vets should be known before going on holiday. In this way, the animal travel companion can be treated quickly and the holiday can continue to be enjoyed!


Traveling with the dog is easier than expected. Especially if a holiday home is used as holiday accommodation. Here, other guests don't need to be taken into consideration as much as in the hotel. The Black Forest offers itself due to its many hiking tours for one holidays with your pet at. However, you should not forget to prepare your animal friend for the trip in advance.

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