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Kirnbergsee – the warm lake in the Black Forest

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A hidden gem in the southern Black Forest, Kirnbergsee is widely known for its natural beauty, warm waters and well-developed beaches. Surrounded by flowering meadows and extensive forests, this lake is a paradise for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

History of Kirnbergsee

Planned in 1920 and built from 1921 to 1922, the lake was originally created to generate electricity. But over the years the lake has developed into a remarkable nature reserve. Between 1999 and 2000 the dam was completely renovated at great financial expense. This secured the future of this beautifully situated body of water.

nature and landscape

Surrounded by beautiful flower meadows and extensive forests, it offers pure nature and relaxation. Generously laid out reed belts and designated rest areas ensure that, despite the diverse leisure opportunities, nature conservation is not neglected on Lake Kirnbergsee.

Flora and fauna

The lake is home to a variety of rare plants and bird species, including wild geese, wild ducks, herons and even kingfishers. Thanks to the extensive nature conservation measures, the lake offers sufficient spawning and breeding grounds for fish and water birds.

Freetime activities

Kirnbergsee offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including swimming, surfing and fishing. An extensive network of hiking and cycling trails around the lake and in the surrounding forests invite you to go on small and large tours.

The warmest swimming lake in the southern Black Forest

With its warm water and beautifully landscaped beaches, Kirnbergsee is particularly popular as a swimming lake. Water sports enthusiasts will get their money's worth here, and families will also find ideal conditions for a relaxing day on the water.

Rest and relaxation

In addition to sporting activities, Kirnbergsee also offers plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation. The idyllic surroundings and excellent water quality make the lake a popular destination for a relaxing day trip or a longer vacation.

A paradise for anglers

For anglers, Kirnbergsee offers a variety of fish species, including pike, carp, tench and zander. Thanks to the spacious reed belts and designated resting areas, the fish have ideal conditions here.

accommodation options

For visitors who want to stay longer, there are various accommodation options near the lake. This includes hotels and guesthouses as well as a campsite right on the lake.


Whether you are a nature lover, a water sports enthusiast or just looking for a relaxing place to relax, Lake Kirnbergsee has something to offer for everyone. With its wonderful location in... Southern Black Forest, its diverse flora and fauna and its excellent water quality, this lake is a true gem and a must for every visitor to the region.

Where is the Kirnbergsee?

The Kirnbergsee is located in the southern Black Forest near Unterbränd

How big is Kirnbergsee?

The Kirnbergsee has an area of ​​around 14 hectares.

Are there leisure activities at Kirnbergsee?

Yes, Kirnbergsee offers numerous leisure activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking and cycling.

Are there camping options at Kirnbergsee?

Yes, there is a campsite at Kirnbergsee where visitors can pitch their tent or park their caravan.

Are there also dining options at Kirnbergsee?

Yes, there is a restaurant at Kirnbergsee where visitors can enjoy regional specialties and other dishes.


Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal