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Tips for beginner hikers

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The Black Forest is considered a paradise for hikers. Well signposted and marked hiking trails lead through the impressive nature over a length of more than 20.000 kilometers. Demanding mountain tours are represented as well as romantic paths through dreamy river valleys. The unspoilt landscape is more varied than in almost any other holiday region in Germany. Many tours in the Black Forest are aimed at demanding, experienced hikers, but there are also routes suitable for beginners.

The right gear

To get out of one long walk a hike it doesn't take much to make it. A little equipment, the right attitude and a goal in mind - and you're good to go.

The right footwear works wonders

Good hiking shoes are also crucial for beginners and beginners. Good grip, even off-road and on uneven paths, prevents injuries and prevents falls. Breathable material, which at the same time prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside, a light weight and the right size are other factors that you should consider when buying. Hiking shoes should be about half a size larger than your everyday shoes.

The right clothing for the first hikes

If you want to try hiking for the first time, you don't need an extensive hiking wardrobe. Wear comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather. In spring and autumn it can get unexpectedly cold in the higher altitudes of the Black Forest. It is best to take a light jacket with you. A well-fitting backpack should also be part of the equipment. Here you can store drinks, some provisions and a hiking guide.

Nutrition tips for beginner hikers

You should at least have some water and a few light snacks with you, even on short journeys. Fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears and carrots are ideal. They can be easily transported in a backpack without getting pressure points. In addition, you can simply snack on them without cutlery. Also granola bars, nuts and Wholemeal breads are suitable as provisions. Water is recommended as a drink. In some cases, dietary supplements can also be helpful. Magnesium tablets, for example, are good for calf cramps, which can quickly occur on hikes. For example, Vitamoment.de also offers protein shakes, which are also an ideal snack on hikes and ensure protein supply. Sore muscles can also be prevented with protein shakes. If you want to start hiking, you should also keep an eye on your immune system. Exercise supports the immune system in the long term, but it can quickly happen that you catch a cold, especially on the first hikes. Vitamin C and zinc are important supporters for preparing and strengthening the immune system. on vitamoment.de you will find, for example, the "Immune Complex" mix, which contains a balanced mix of nutrients.

Start slow

On your first hikes, you should not aim for long distances. There are numerous circular hiking trails in the Black Forest that offer other highlights in addition to the natural phenomenon. The lynx trail in Bühlertal takes you, for example, through forest, rocks and narrow paths in just under three hours and at the same time brings you closer to the life of the big cat in the Black Forest. A hike on the Feldberg is also impressive. Here you can make your circular route plan individually and pause at the huts as you wish.

Image courtesy of Photo by Hermann on Pixabay