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road, forest, fall

The best places in the Black Forest for a romantic getaway in autumn


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Are you one of those people who go outside in autumn? A warm cocoa in front of the fireplace can of course also be the purest idyll, but it is more for the evening hours. The Black Forest in particular offers picturesque excursion destinations at this time of year, where you could melt away. It is not for nothing that the mountain region in southern Germany is very popular with couples who want to treat themselves to a romantic break from everyday life. That doesn't mean that the region can't be beautiful for singles too, but if we're honest, autumn is generally more of a time of year that you want to spend with a loving partner. If you don't have a partner at your side yet, that's no break in the leg and the romantic excursion to the Black Forest doesn't have to be viewed as an anti-utopia.

In the fall, many singles look for romantic dates online

Before we get to which places are perfect for a romantic getaway in autumn, someone has to come here for a time together. Online dating is not only all the rage, it is also the fastest and most convenient option to put an end to being single. Don't just dream of spending autumn with a suitable partner and planning a romantic trip to the Black Forest. Get active in your search for a partner and it is best to register with one of the users today evaluating dating sites where members search for romance, not just erotic, online. Fall is a time of year when online dating is booming and perfect for memorable dates on the great outdoors.

Determine the destination together

The Black Forest has numerous idyllic corners that invite you to a romantic stay in autumn. Be it joint sporting activities on which one special dinner or a visit to one of the relaxation oases in the area. The advantage of online dating is that you can find out in advance what your counterpart means by romance and thus find a common denominator. Below are a few incentives for places that are perfect for one successful date in autumn in the Black Forest region are:

1. Lichtentaler Allee
What could be more romantic than an avenue that appears in a natural gold in autumn? One of the world's most famous promenade, which has existed since 1655 and was once the entrance to a historic theater. The enchanting promenade does not impress with its picturesque appearance in the golden season. There are also numerous monuments and sculptures on the approximately 3,5 kilometers that invite you to take a romantic stroll in the Black Forest. The hotel is directly adjacent Badischer Hof, which is perfect for an overnight stay in the beautiful region of the Black Forest.

2. Palais Thermal
Outside it is getting colder and the longing for warmth and relaxation ever greater. A joint visit to the “Palais Thermal” is ideal. The sauna and bathing area is designed in Art Nouveau style and thus guarantees an elegant atmosphere. It's hard to believe that it is one of the oldest thermal baths in Germany, but thanks to the loving care, Gothic statues are still preserved today. Maybe first a visit to the sauna and then a relaxing bath together in one of the warm pools to really unwind. Especially in the evenings, this place gets a romantic flair, which you can get to know better without hesitation.

3. A ride on the Kandertal Railway
Especially the last trip in the autumn twilight guarantees romance. The 13-kilometer route of the historic railway leads from Kandern to Haltlingen and crosses a picturesque landscape in the process. Around 45 minutes, in which you can cuddle and enjoy a wonderful view. In addition, a warm cocoa and the joint excursion in the Black Forest will pick up speed by themselves.

4. Badener Höhe
Off to the highest point in Baden's urban area, where a picturesque view awaits. At 1.002 meters above sea level, the panoramic view of the autumn landscape guarantees an unforgettable view. The perfect place to take beautiful photos. On the summit is the Friedrichsturm, which rises an additional 30 meters. The almost 150-year-old observation tower is freely accessible when it comes to a quiet moment of togetherness in the midst of an idyllic landscape.

The Black Forest is a highlight in every season, but especially when autumn comes. The widespread and surrounding nature opens up a wonderful natural spectacle, which convinces with an enchanting blaze of colors. Whether you are more likely to have a relaxing day in a warm thermal bath or you and your dating partner like to go hiking. Especially at dusk, there are various places to create a romantic esprit and enjoy intimate togetherness. Find out in advance what your counterpart prefers and then look together for the perfect excursion destination to get to know each other better. Autumn is the best season for online dating and the Black Forest is the perfect place for a first date.

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