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The Black Forest also offers wonderful excursion destinations in autumn

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The Rhine-Main region is one of the warmest in the whole of Germany and so you can still go on excursions in nature in the Black Forest in autumn when the outside temperatures are wonderfully mild. For hikes with the whole family, the Black Forest has always been one of the most popular excursion regions in Germany, and the filigree carvings also inspire tourists every year. If you want to stop for a hearty meal in the evening, you can enjoy the traditional cuisine of the Black Forest and let yourself be enchanted by a fresh game goulash as well as by the internationally popular pies and cakes of the region.

A trip to the Black Forest can also be a special experience with your dog. In the great outdoors, your beloved four-legged friend can romp around to their heart's content before heading back to the hotel for a well-deserved rest in the evening. Dogs usually stay overnight in the booked room for a small surcharge, only a few pensions and hotels categorically refuse pets.

Hiking routes in the Black Forest around the Karlsruhe region

During an active holiday, the necessary catering must not be omitted. Before going on a hike along the beautiful sights of the Black Forest, you should definitely get provisions, even a light folding stool or a fluffy picnic blanket can make the rest pleasant and comfortable. So you don't have to rely on park benches, which are often overcrowded, especially when the weather is nice in autumn. In the region around Karlsruhe alone there are more than 700 hiking trails, of which more than 20 are regularly visited by pilgrims. There is also a large number of long-distance hiking trails in the Black Forest, the "European long-distance hiking trail E1" leads on its way from the North Sea coast to Constance, in the very south of the country, also through the Black Forest region. If you want to go the entire route, you can also start in Norway. Overall, this hiking trail connects the countries:

    • Norway


    • Finland


    • Sweden


    • Denmark


    • Germany


    • Schweiz


    • Italy


Some time ago, the end point of the E1 long-distance hiking trail from Salerno to Sicily was extended. Along the route there are countless pensions and restaurants, which make the cross-border hike a pleasant experience. Many hikers make stops in a larger city when they go on such a long tour. Depending on your personal circumstances and the means of transport chosen in between, an inter-European hike can take several months.

Holiday route near Karlsruhe: Many vacationers are drawn to the Black Forest High Road near Karlsruhe

This 60-kilometer hiking route has been in operation since the beginning of the 19th century and is not only extremely popular with nature fans. The Black Forest High Road is one of the most famous holiday routes in the region around Karlsruhe. Vacationers from all over the world let their soul dangle along the wonderful forest panorama and city dwellers in particular enjoy the unpolluted air in the untouched nature. The is also for active outdoor sports such as mountain biking or motocross Black Forest High Road a popular starting point.

Every winter, countless guests come to Karlsruhe to enjoy the winter sports activities around the Black Forest High Road. The known Mummelsee not only invites you to take a refreshing swim in summer, children can also let off steam in the lovingly furnished forest playground in autumn and winter. Furthermore, an art path near the Mummelsee attracts art-loving nature lovers to visit, there are almost 20 exhibits to look at in the open air. If you would like to go boating yourself, you will get your money's worth here in the Black Forest and use one of the numerous boat rentals.

Black Forest National Park: Environmental protection within reach

Exciting insights into the active preservation of nature can be enjoyed by large and small vacationers in this natural environment Black Forest National Park win in the middle of the beautiful Black Forest. There are interesting tours for families, children and adults, during which the work of the rangers is explained in more detail. Guided mushroom tours are also offered, which is highly recommended for beginners in mushroom hunting, as many edible mushrooms hardly differ from their poisonous relatives. On a guided bike tour you can experience the vastness of the Black Forest National Park in a very special way, but also native animals can be discovered and observed under professional guidance. The rangers have a lot of entertaining specialist knowledge in their repertoire, so that everyone can take something they have learned home with them.