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Karlsruhe Castle houses the Baden State Museum!!

Karlsruhe and the surrounding area - a holiday destination with variety

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Germany has almost got used to preferring holidays in their own country. Due to the corona pandemic, the entry requirements are still unclear in many countries. But that is no reason to despair. Germany has beautiful corners. One of them is Karlsruhe. Located not far from the beautiful Black Forest, the city in Baden-Württemberg invites you to vacation and attracts with many sights and activities. We explain here why a trip to Karlsruhe is worthwhile and what you can do there.

Pure culture in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe was first awarded two international titles in 2019, namely the UNESCO City of Media Arts and the category prize “Cultural Heritage & Creativity” of the EU competition “European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020”. And there is a reason for that too. With 135 cultural institutions, Karlsruhe offers sights for young and old, which is why the city rightly calls itself the cultural city of Karlsruhe. It doesn't matter what you're looking for or what you're interested in. With the multitude of galleries, museums, ballets, operas and exhibitions, there is really something for every taste. As a tourist you can find out about the diverse cultural offerings on the Internet and explore it on your own, or you can book a guided city tour that brings you closer to the most important cultural sites. Culture packages can also be booked so that you can travel relaxed and enjoy the diversity. For example, the Center for Art and Media, or ZKM for short, is one of the world's most important art institutions that no one who is interested in art and culture should miss.

Sightseeing in Karlsruhe

Anyone who is on holiday in Karlsruhe can visit some of the sights of this special city. First of all, there is the Karlsruhe Palace with its extensive palace gardens. It was completed in 1718 and then served as the residence and government seat of the Margraves and then the Electors and Grand Dukes of Baden for 200 years. Today you can find the Baden State Museum in this wonderful building. In addition to a permanent exhibition, there are always changing exhibitions for everyone who is interested in culture. The young and creative scene bustles around in the Old Slaughterhouse. Here you can find everything from fine craftsmanship to hip start-ups to creative restaurants and cafés. In a city like Karlsruhe, a botanical garden with a variety of plants is of course a must. The zoological city garden, which is a mixture of city garden and zoo and where you can also marvel at tropical animals, is also home to exotic plants. You can take a gondola across the Stadtgartensee. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, you can take a look at the beautiful old town in Durlach. There is a historic city wall and a picturesque market square. Strolling through the small streets you almost feel like you have been transported back to the Middle Ages. You can then take the Turmbergbahn to Karlsruhe's local mountain. Karlsruhe also has numerous markets to offer, such as flea markets or a weekly market. Here you can browse and shop as you please. Anyone who wants to go on holiday in Karlsruhe in summer will certainly be happy about the exciting Europabad adventure pool and the many beautiful quarry lakes in the region. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the viewing terrace on the Turmberg and Karlsruhe Castle tower gives you two options to admire the city from above.

Excursions in the region

The region around Karlsruhe also has a lot to offer Attractions. A trip to the Black Forest is definitely a must when on vacation here. The untouched nature of the Black Forest National Park stretches through around 10.000 hectares. Here you will find pure idyll: dark forests, calm cirque lakes, mystical moors, exciting rock faces and mountain heaths without any trees. If you love nature, you have to take a trip to the Black Forest National Park plan on. The way to Eberstein Castle is also worthwhile. It was built in 1272 by the Count of Eberstein and then belonged to the Margrave of Baden. It has been privately owned since 2000 and is now a hotel with a gourmet restaurant. The unique view over the vineyards and the Murgtal is absolutely worth seeing. The nature around the castle is unique and can be explored on a leisurely stroll or hike. The royal spa town of Bad Wildbad is easily accessible from Karlsruhe. It is located in the northern Black Forest and impresses with its centuries-old tradition of thermal baths. The city has two of them. The WILDLINE suspension bridge is ideal for all adventurous people. It is located on the Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad and goes up to 60 meters above the Bärenklingen-Tag. The courage to cross this bridge is rewarded with a spectacular view.

Activities for the evening hours

If you don't just want to go to bed early after a long and eventful day in the Karlsruhe region or just sit around in the hotel, you still have a few options for activities in the evening. Karlsruhe and the surrounding cities offer a variety of restaurants. Here's something for every taste. From German cuisine to exotic Asian cuisine to Italian Dolce Vita, you can enjoy pure variety. Numerous clubs and discos invite you to party and dance. If you would like to challenge your luck, you can take a trip to Baden-Baden. In the casino there you will be whisked away into the world of gambling. A Casino game is of course also possible on the home computer if you don't feel like leaving the hotel room in the evening. Also in Baden-Baden is the Festspielhaus, where you can listen to the best orchestras in the world. If you are in the city in the region around Karlsruhe at the right time, you can listen to international stars at the SWR3 New Pop Festival.

Holidays in the Karlsruhe region offer something for every taste

Anyone who is on holiday in the region around Karlsruhe will certainly not be bored. Numerous sights and activities attract tourists. Regardless of whether you prefer to relax in a thermal bath or work off your energy while hiking in the Black Forest, the region has something for everyone. A visit to the opera, the ballet or the casino opens up a whole new world and the culinary variety of the numerous restaurants makes Karlsruhe a popular holiday destination.

Images courtesy of Photo by connie_sf on Pixabay, Photo by Mylene2401 on Pixabay, Photo by hpgruesen on Pixabay, Photo by dlohner on Pixabay and Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal