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On the trail of ghosts: Mysterious places in the Black Forest

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The Black Forest in Germany has always exerted a mysterious aura on people. Its dense forests, misty hills and ancient stories have made it a place steeped in legends and myths. We want to embark on a journey and explore some of the mysterious places in the Black Forest that stimulate the imagination and awaken a fascination for the unknown and mysterious.

The fascination of the Black Forest

The Black Forest stretches over 160 kilometers in southwest Germany across the federal states of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. Its dark and mysterious aura makes it an ideal backdrop for legends and stories. The region's folklore is replete with tales of ghosts, witches and other supernatural beings said to live in the forest and its lakes. These stories have captured people's imaginations over the years and have become important elements of Black Forest culture.

The Black Forest is also closely linked to Germanic folklore and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm, who collected and wrote down fairy tales from all over Germany in the 19th century, grew up near the Black Forest and were undoubtedly influenced by its mystical atmosphere. Many of her fairy tales, including “Hansel and Gretel” and “Little Red Riding Hood,” include the forest as a central setting.

Beyond tourist attractions, the Black Forest often serves as inspiration for modern interpretations in film, television and literature. The dense forests, misty hills and ancient legends provide a wealth of material for creative types. Much like ancient Egypt, which is an endless source of fascination and inspiration for films, documentaries and even video games like the “Eye of Horus slot“, the Black Forest also serves as an atmospheric background for various types of stories. Whether it's fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm or modern thrillers and crime novels that exploit the mystical atmosphere of the region - the Black Forest captures the imagination and lets creative people and viewers alike dream and ponder.

Unusual natural phenomena

It is not uncommon for visitors to the Black Forest to encounter supernatural phenomena:

Mummelsee: The lake of legends

The mysterious Mummelsee lies at an altitude of around 1036 meters and is surrounded by dense forests. The legends surrounding the lake are numerous. One of them says that it is inhabited by mermaids who appear in the morning mist and enchant the lake. The Mummelsee is also known as the “Eyes of the Black Forest” well-known and is very popular with hikers and nature lovers.

The Devil's Mill: Mysterious Creation of Nature

The Teufelsmühle already has it in the name. This natural phenomenon consists of huge boulders stacked seemingly randomly, creating an eerie atmosphere. Legend has it that the devil himself placed the stones on top of each other to scare people.

The Freiburg Schlossberg: forest paths and ghost stories

The Freiburg Schlossberg lies in the heart of the Black Forest. In addition to its natural beauty, Schlossberg is often associated with ghost stories. Some claim to have seen eerie figures among the trees at night, while others report mysterious noises. Despite these stories, Freiburg's Schlossberg attracts hikers every day who enjoy the view from its summit and are enchanted by its mystical aura. But would you dare do that at night?

Abandoned places with a sinister past

The various ruins that are scattered throughout the Black Forest and contain an eerie past provide even more goosebumps:

The ruins of the Monastery of All Saints: echoes of monks' chants

The ruins of the All Saints Monastery are a fascinating relic. The former monastery, founded in the 12th century, lies in the middle of a dense forest and today offers a unique picture of the past and decay in the middle of the forests. Visitors often report strange noises and a sense of presence that come over them as they explore the ruins. Some believe they can still hear the chants of monks from times past in the forests.

Hirsau Monastery: A holy place or a cursed place?

The Hirsau Monastery is now an impressive ensemble of ruins. It is said that the monastery was afflicted by a curse that dates back to the monks who once lived there. Some say that the monks practiced dark rituals and summoned evil forces that cursed the monastery and the surrounding area. Was Hirsau Monastery actually a place of spiritual light, or was it surrounded by dark secrets from the beginning?

The missing village of Ottenhöfen: Abandoned, but not forgotten

The mysterious vanished village of Ottenhöfen is hidden in the middle of the dense forests of the Black Forest. This once vibrant village was abandoned for unknown reasons and is now just a collection of dilapidated houses and ruins. The silence that hangs over this abandoned place gives it an eerie atmosphere and stimulates the imagination of visitors. What might have caused the residents of Ottenhöfen to leave their homeland?

Scary stories and legends

If it's not scary enough, you might definitely like these gruesome legends:

The legend of the headless horseman in Söllingen

It is said that in the dark nights of the forest, a headless rider appears on a foaming horse looking for his severed head. Those who encounter him will be cursed with a terrible curse. Although many have claimed to have seen the Headless Horseman for decades, his true identity remains a mystery.

The ghost of the margrave in Baden-Baden

The Margrave of Baden-Baden was once an important figure in the region's history. His presence and influence extended beyond the 17th century, and his death left a lasting impression. Legend has it that the margrave's ghost has been haunting the residents with eerie apparitions since his death in the 18th century.

The Gernsbach witch trials

In the 17th century, witch trials were carried out in Gernsbach, in which numerous people were accused and persecuted. The dark history of these witch trials raises questions: Were the defendants really capable of dark magic, or were they victims of hysteria and superstition? They are an example of the dark chapters of history that shaped the Black Forest.


If you are brave enough, you should visit the Black Forest yourself and explore these mysterious places. Who knows, maybe you will witness unexplained events and ghostly apparitions yourself, or you will delve deeper into the fascinating History of the Black Forest a. One thing is certain: the Black Forest will captivate you with its mystical attraction and rich culture!

Image courtesy of Thomas Griesbeck on Unsplash