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Vacation in the Black Forest - that's why you should always have a plan B for rainy days!

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It is not without reason that the Black Forest is probably the most popular travel region for many people in Germany. In hardly any other region do vacationers come across such a diverse natural diversity. The Black Forest also offers travelers a lot of opportunities to spend their free time on vacation. Whether relaxed hikes, bike tours or adventures Climbing. There are lots of discoveries to be made here, especially for nature lovers. But what should you do if the weather suddenly stops working? If planned activities literally fall through due to a persistent front of bad weather, a plan B is required. What you can do in the Black Forest region, even when it is raining and stormy outside, can be found in the following guide.

Indoor halls for ski jumping, bouldering or some museums can still cope with bad weather without any problems and continue to make your holiday in the Black Forest interesting and varied. In addition, the umbrella and rain jacket are also unnecessary if you are having an entertaining time in your holiday accommodation. The smartphone is enough to devote yourself to numerous digital offerings to pass the time. So that the trip to the beautiful natural area of ​​the Black Forest promises relaxation and adventure even in rainy weather, we have put together a few tips and inspiration for an entertainment program for you here. This way you have too Storm, rain and snowfall always have a plan B in your pocket.

Find excitement and entertainment in the online world

With just a few taps, the smartphone can quickly be transformed into a mini cinema, a games console or an interface for communicating with family and friends. Also the Black Forest is on social media represented and makes it possible to find out about holiday activities and sights, so that after the bad weather front there may be some new options for planning your holiday. In addition, numerous streaming offers can also be used on the smartphone. Whether films, series or live sports - the selection is large and with the appropriate streaming service provider you won't miss a football game of your favorite team. The sports betting provider AdmiralBet as a sponsor of HSV It also makes it possible to increase the excitement and thrill with a sports bet during a live broadcast. The rainy weather can quickly be pushed into the background when you convert your smartphone into a mobile sports station. In addition to sports, the numerous media libraries from current Hollywood blockbusters also offer the best entertainment if you sick on vacation or the weather puts a damper on the actual plan for the day.

Discover the colorful world of museums in the Black Forest

The Triberg-Fantasy Museum, the Carnival Museum and the German Clock Museum in the Black Forest are worth a trip and are a good opportunity for cultural entertainment on holiday, especially in rainy weather. The various exhibitions offer a very varied mix, from carnival to fantasy, so that visitors from young to old can get their money's worth.

Ski jumping, climbing or laser tag games

There is a wide range of indoor activities in the Black Forest. Lots of fun and adventure awaits the whole family in numerous indoor areas. The range of modern indoor activities in the Black Forest region is not only great fun in rainy weather, but should be a must for every stay in the Black Forest. Whether bouldering, climbing, ski jumping, mini golf under black light or an adventure in an escape room - the choice is large and there is no chance of a bad mood on holiday.

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