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Schauinsland near Freiburg

Schauinsland - Freiburg's local mountain

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A fantastic panorama

With an altitude of 1.284 meters, it is one of the highest mountains in the Black Forest. South from Freiburg Located in Breisgau, it offers a wonderful view in all directions. The fantastic panorama, over Freiburg im Breisgau and the surrounding Black Forest mountains all the way to the Vosges and Swiss Alps, is like something out of a picture book. Even mountain giants like the Eiger or Mont Blanc can be seen on a clear day. The Schauinsland absolutely lives up to its name.

The untouched nature within reach

On sunny days, it is a good idea to climb the mountain on foot. Hikers literally make a pilgrimage to the Schauinsland, because it is known nationwide for its unique view from the Schauinsland tower. However, for nature lovers, the path is the goal here, because enjoying untouched nature in its purest form is fantastic. You can also climb the mountain almost to the top by car.

For environmentally conscious Schauinsland visitors there is also the Schauinslandbahn, the longest gondola lift in Germany, to disposal. It departs from the valley station in Horben. From here it is a 20 minute ride in a gondola up the mountain. When the mountain station has been reached, you are almost there. Only about 700m separate the nature lover from the mountain summit and the Schauinsland tower.

The top on the summit

The Eugen-Keidel Tower, as the Schauinsland Tower is also called, is located on the top of the mountain and is 31 meters high. Seen from the mountain station of the gondola lift, a hiking trail of around 700m leads to the tower. This tower quickly moves into the focus of hikers due to its conspicuous triangular construction, so you always have your goal clearly in mind. From there there are only 85 steps. Each one is worth climbing up thanks to the gigantic view.

Research on the Schauinsland

It comes as a surprise to many visitors that an observatory for solar research was built on the mountain. It was completed in 1943 and from that point onwards research was carried out in it for a long time. After several renovations, it is now mainly used for training new students and testing equipment. The Kiepenheuer Institute also offers guided tours. However, those interested should find out when the tours take place, as they are not offered all the time.

Impressive windbreaks

As already mentioned, the partially untouched nature on the Schausinsland is impressive. In this picture of nature, windbeams should not be missing. Here, amateur photographers can take pictures that can otherwise only be seen in professional calendars or wall paintings. This type of tree is too beautiful to be simply passed by. It should also be mentioned here that especially in stormy times, i.e. on autumnal days, the sight is a pleasure that can best be captured with a camera.

Even hurricane-like gusts of wind cannot harm these powerful trees, due to their large roots, which are mostly directed towards the west. When strong gusts from the west set in, the trees, also known as weather beeches, can withstand. Where other tree species could not withstand the storms, it bends smoothly. From a distance, some philosophers have already dared to say that the weather beeches dance with the wind. Surely this is a fitting description of this particular phenomenon.

Part of the story

Silver, zinc and lead were mined on the Schauinsland for centuries. Above all, the silver won was... Freiburg minted and then resold. When mining work had to be stopped for economic reasons in the last century, the Federal Office for Civil Protection used the empty clods as an archive. Various documents are still stored here today.

Winter in paradise

Even in the cold season, when the snow-covered peaks Skiers to the equipment Schauinsland is ideal for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing or tobogganing.

Photographers are also drawn here again to see the nature that was admired in summer and captured with a camera in the snow. You don't recognize them again. It's hard to tell from where you took this or that picture in the summer. The mountain has completely changed.

The Schauinsland is therefore worth a visit in every season.

Images courtesy of Asal Stefan, Stefan Asal and Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal