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Miniature World Baden-Baden

Miniature world with Simas cafe

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Location: Baden-Baden

Do you fancy a change for the whole family?

The miniature world with Sima's cafe makes the hearts of every child, but also of many adults, beat faster, perfect for a family outing!

As soon as you step into the miniature world, you are surrounded by lovingly designed landscapes, trains, as well as diverse scenes, some of which are even from the youngest

Visitors can be served.

From a camera locomotive that can be controlled by yourself, the self-driving vehicles or the gaming table for the little ones, the fun is for the whole group

Family guaranteed!

While the children play dreamily in the miniature world, the parents have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious homemade cake in the adjoining cafe undisturbed and relaxed.

The cafe is open together with the miniature world, but can also be visited independently and without an entrance fee.

The miniature world and the cafe can be reached barrier-free.

Groups, children's birthdays and senior groups can also on request

get booked.