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Alpirsbach Monastery – the influential monastery in the past and today

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Location: Alpirsbach

History of Alpirsbach Monastery

The monastery in the town of Alpirsbach is a former Cistercian monastery in the Black Forest that was founded in 1095 by Count Wilhelm II of Alpirsbach. It was one of the oldest and most impressive monasteries in medieval Germany and had a strong influence on the region at the time.

The monastery was founded at the suggestion of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, one of the most important monks of the Cistercian order. Count Wilhelm II donated a large estate to the monastery and granted it extensive privileges, which made it an important economic and cultural center in the Black Forest. Over the centuries, the Alpirsbach monastery has been continuously expanded and enlarged. It has its own mill, smithy and even its own distillery. The monks also engaged in agriculture, planted forests and operated fish ponds.
The monastery is also known for its library, which has a large collection of manuscripts and books. It is an important place for education and intellectual development.

In the 16th century, however, when the Reformation began in Germany, the monastery ran into difficulties. Many nobles and townspeople turned their backs on the Catholic Church, and the income of the monastery fell as a result. In 1525 it was devastated and destroyed by Protestant troops and opponents of the Church. Although the monastery has been restored and modernized over the centuries, it has never been as important as it was in its historical period.

The monastery today

The Alpirsbach monastery still plays an important role in the Black Forest region. Although it has been restored and modernized over the centuries, it has retained its original character and is now a popular tourist destination. Today the monastery houses a small community of Benedictines who take care of the preservation of the monastery and the cultivation of the traditions. The monastery is considered a place of rest and reflection that welcomes all visitors who wish to admire its history and architecture.

Alpirsbach Abbey offers a variety of activities and sights, making it an attractive destination. The monastery has an escorted tour that explains the history of the monastery and in particular its architecture. There is also a monastery library with a large collection of manuscripts and books.

A special highlight is the abbey church, which was built in the Romanesque style and has an impressive architecture. It is famous for its 12th-century frescoes and 15th-century Gothic altarpiece.

Alpirsbach Monastery is also a place of music and culture. Concerts and music events as well as cultural events such as readings and theater performances take place here regularly.

In recent years, the Alpirsbach Monastery has also opened its doors for conferences and seminars, making it a popular location for companies and organizations that are looking for an inspiring environment and want to escape the familiar office atmosphere. The Alpirsbach Monastery is an important historical building that plays a significant role in the region and still today attracts many people from all over the world. This is a place to experience medieval history, architecture and tradition, and offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages.

Current information, opening hours and price are on www.kloster-alpirsbach.de a DAK Bungalow.

Klosterbräu Alpirsbach

The Klosterbräu Alpirsbach is a brewery in the former monastery. Founded in 1095 by Count Wilhelm II von Alpirsbach, it was one of the first breweries in Germany. The brewery has a historic history and has adapted to changing conditions over the centuries.

Nevertheless, the tradition is maintained and the beer is still made according to the traditional recipe. That Klosterbräu Alpirsbach offers a large selection of beers as well as specialties such as draft and smoked beers. All beers are brewed according to the 1516 Purity Law, using only natural ingredients. The special thing is that the brewery itself is located in the historic building of the old monastery. Tourists can tour the brewery and learn more about the history and production process of the brewery. There is also a beer museum that tells the story of beer and its importance in the region.

In addition to the brewery, there is also a restaurant in Alpirsbach where the brewery's beer can be tasted. There are also regular events, such as beer tastings and beer festivals, where visitors have the opportunity to taste a variety of beers and learn more about the brewery.

The Klosterbräu Alpirsbach is not only a brewery, but also an important part of the culture and history of the region. This is a popular spot for beer lovers and anyone who wants to learn more about beer traditions.

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